Shillelaghs, Shamrocks, and Irish Ditties

While rifling through The Hoya’s archives, 4E found this little tidbit from John Cassidy (Ed note: Not a known relative of this blog’s editor), in an article called “Georgetown Irish Frolic Amid Revolution and Pranks” from March 15, 1950.

‘Tis but a night or two ’til St. Paddy’s Day and already the minds of the Hilltop’s Irish Irish Colony are turning to thoughts of green beer, shillelaghs, shamrocks and “good ole Irish ditties.”

Much thought every year is given to the correct manner in which Georgetown’s hard-headed Irish should take it upon themselves to celebrate this, the most hallowed day in the history of the Emerald Isles. Should it be a day of frivolity or a day of deep contemplation of dear “auld” Ireland?

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