Selfie Madness: D.C. Edition

SelfiezWhether a constant ritual every weekend when out with friends or a quick duck face Snapchat, everyone has taken a selfie at some point.

Like the frequently played new song “#SELFIE” suggests, the art of selfie taking requires many hard decisions, the least of which include proper lighting and the right angle. Here on the Hilltop, we pride ourselves on our social media savy, and now, according to InTheCapital, Washington, D.C, has been recognized as the 25th “Selfiest” city in the world.

Out of 459 cities, D.C. falls right between Helsinki, Finland, and Cardiff, Great Britain. From the database, the list calculated that for every 100,00 people in D.C., 66 are selfie-takers.

With its famous monuments, great dining locations and chance encounters with local politicians and celebrities, D.C.’s selfie mania comes at no surprise. Even Malia and Sasha understand the need for a selfie. I mean, how else is one supposed to remember her dad’s inauguration?

enhanced-buzz-3014-1386006746-4To see the rest of the top “selfiest” cities in the world, click here. But first, let’s take a selfie.


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