Road to the Freshman Fifty: Captain Cookie and the Milkman Opens at GW


Well Hoyas, it looks like GW may have out-done us: a Captain Cookie and the Milkman storefront opened yesterday on GW’s campus at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave NW.

Like the popular food truck, Captain Cookie’s storefront offers seven regular flavors of cookies, one weekly special and three flavors of ice cream. According to my math-nerd friend, this means that there are 192 possible ice cream sandwich combinations to choose from (in other words, just enough to get you through midterms).


Because we at 4E care about research, I used this opportunity to buy myself an ice cream sandwich and not worry about the gym tomorrow. The warm cookies and ice cream were definitely worth the GUTS/Metro/Uber-fail trek, if for nothing else than the way the inside of the store smelled. I would definitely recommend rolling around in some Captain Cookie cookie dough if you’re looking to attract a special someone come Valentine’s Day.

Go to Captain Cookie if you love cookies, happiness and public transportation. You’ll probably find me there stuffing my face and avoiding my responsibilities.


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