Ready to THRIVE?

598Another school year is upon us, and with it comes a bunch of fun events. Whether you’re a freshman still getting acquainted with campus or a senior in denial (aka me), you should definitely check out THRIVE!

Set up by Georgetown’s Health Education Services, THRIVE week is Sept. 14-18 this year. So, starting today, you can check out the crazy variety of events being put on to help you, the students, in the quest for health and sanity. If you haven’t seen the schedule on Facebook or on the Stall Seat Journals, let 4E help you out.

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I mean, are you serious? At the risk of sounding overdramatic, if you don’t show up to at least one of these events, you’re doing yourself a disservice. First of all, the raffle prizes are insane. And if you aren’t at least interested in puppy playtime (4-6 on Thurs. on Copley Lawn), then who are you? (Unless, you know, allergies. Or some other legitimate reason.)

So check out any or all of these awesome THRIVE events! Because while you might be super stressed over the job search, homework or some other issue, it’s always important to take a minute and make sure you’re healthy.

Photos: Georgetown University Health Education Services,

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