PSA: Cheap Burgers and Fries Delivered to Your Dorm


Do you see yourself being in the company of friends in your dorm room at some point this weekend? Think that you might possibly collectively experience symptoms of hunger or craving? Perhaps in the form of an urgent longing for a juicy burger and sumptuous fries– but you don’t feeling like pursuing the long trek downtown?

Have no fear, Georgetown Dining (@gtowndining) has your solution!!


Yes, the “JACK PACK” is available for delivery. Saturday and Sunday only. You can get FOUR (Yes that is 1,2,3 4) Elevation Burgers, 4 Fries, and 4 FREE sodas!

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 12.05.40 PM

Well, the sodas are free. The deal altogether will cost you just a mere $29.99- that’s nearly $7.50 per person and you don’t even have to share!


Better yet: don’t foresee having an opportunity to share this meal? Create one! It’s a sure bet that if you invest in a Jack Pack that you will find 3 other loyal new friends to join in. Or maybe you’re thinking about getting more creative- Big exam (or big Netflix binge) is coming up and you aim to lock yourself in the room for a few hours or days. No shame. You could eat them all in one sitting, or be bold and store them in your fridge for later. So many possibilities!


Don’t miss your chance!

Offer lasts between 11am and 3pm this Saturday and Sunday.


You can use Credit, debit, OR Flex to pursue this wonderful opportunity.




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