Pitch Perfect-ion


We all know and love the a cappella classic Pitch Perfect, AKA the movie that changed movies forever. Naturally, 4E is obsessed with Pitch Perfect and all things that involve songs being turned into heavenly remixes.


Let’s be honest, all the songs are still stuck in our heads. I still pretend to be Anna Kendrick when “No Diggity” comes on. There is no escaping the sphere of influence Pitch Perfect has created.

As we all know, this classic favorite is now getting a sequel. Yes, that is right. Double the songs, double the a cappella jokes and double the badass-ness. If you haven’t checked out either trailers, please take this time to educate yourself.

Originally we thought that this was going to be another horribly done sequel, as this is often the case. Actually, how could it live up to the original? But, these trailers are making us rethink our preconceived notions.

Obviously, we have some unanswered questions about what happened after the Bellas won nationals:

How are things with Jesse and Beca? Are they together, are they serious, or did the love die out?


What happened with Bumper? Is he famous now? Why was he in the trailer?

Do Aubrey and Chloe ever graduate? How many years is this college?

Does Fat Amy ever go by Fat Patricia? Or does she keep the nickname? 


Follow up: Why did she choose that nickname in the first place?

Why did the President invite them to sing? It is not like they are The Chimes or something!

Where is Kimmy Jin? Is she still relevant?

Will these be addressed? What do we have to look forward to? We can only imagine the aca-mazingness that is in store.

Pitch Perfect forever.


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