Pasta Bread Bowl > Super Bowl XLVII




Yeah, I don’t really care either … but at least hockey’s back, right?

I’m no negative (*nopance*) Nancy over here, but I didn’t jump on the Baltimore bandwagon so I’m just not all that stoked about the Super Bowl. Maybe if things happened a bit differently, like if the Giants were in it (or the Jets, but that was never a thing) or if the Redskins had beat the Seahawks. (You’re fibbing if you say you don’t like watching RGIII play.) Better yet, if Destiny’s Child was performing at halftime. Wait — that’s happening.

Here are some bowl-related things that I find equally if not more exciting than the 2013 Super Bowl.

Bowl Cuts — Nothing is better than sitting right behind someone in one of your classes who has a wicked bowl cut — actually, there is literally nothing more distracting. How does it just stay so perfectly in that shape? How do you ever stop touching your hair if you have one? What does it look like after you take a shower?

Bowling for Soup — Not sure what it means to bowl for soup, but “1985” and “Girl All the Bad Guys Want” — gems. What if BFS performed at the Superbowl? WITH DESTINY’S CHILD. No. Got ahead of myself. But really, Bowling for Soup > Ray Lewis. (Brief interjection from Lindsay Lee: I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY.) (Brief interjection from KP Pielmeier: CAN  I GET AN AMEN?!)

Bowling Birthday Parties — No one does this anymore. Why not? I did this in middle school and it was a raging success. The invitations were shaped like bowling pins and we ate crappy pizza and store-bought cake until we felt sick and then went to the arcade and I bought a harmonica with the tickets I won. When did this become uncool?

Fish Bowls — My roommate and I had a Chinese fighting fish in the fall. The little guy passed away in November (really traumatic day) but we had a nice run with Arthur. He brought a lust for life into Village A that was unlike anything you’ve ever seen — so young, wild and free.

Pasta Bread Bowl – As advertised, it’s “so good you’ll devour the bowl.” Maybe you can eat a Pasta Bread Bowl while you watch the Super Bowl this year. $5.99, just sayin’.

Photo: Invitation Consultation, So Good Blog, IGN, SportsCity

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