Oh No, the Cicadas Are Coming! How To Prepare Yourself for the Weeks Ahead

As many of you may already know, the cicadas will be invading the DMV area in the next few weeks. If you didn’t know, let this article serve as a warning. Periodical cicadas emerge every seventeen years, and this year happens to be the lucky 17th year in the cycle.

To prepare, I will be introducing products you can buy so you don’t have to call 911 when you accidentally see, smell, hear, touch (or taste?!) the insurgence of cicadas.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Headphones are a must. Cicadas are loud — so loud that they could cause hearing damage. So, while the Bose or Beats headphones are on the more expensive side, trust me, they will be needed, like these noise-canceling wireless Beats for $300. There is a plus side to getting headphones, too: instead of hearing cicadas, you can keep your mind at peace by listening to your favorite bops. Want to listen to rerecorded Taylor Swift singles? Go for it. Want to blast out some rock-and-roll that will have passersby glaring at you for the sound getting out to others? You can do that, too. This is a judgment-free zone.

You know you want to show off those moves like Jimmy Kimmel

Basically, we have what Michael Scott calls a win-win-win situation here: You don’t hear cicadas, and you can listen to your favorite playlist. And, as the moderator, I feel happy that we are all satisfied.

Michael’s happy, Angela’s happy, and Oscar’s happy. Success.

Horse Blinders for Humans

Human Horse Blinders That Blocks Out Distraction Exists - 9GAG

Did you know that horse blinders for people exist? Because I did not. While they look a little funny — to say the least — but they do seem effective. When you want to take a walk outside, try these on, and see what happens! You definitely won’t see the cicadas roaming around on trees by the sidewalks with these blinders. Alternatively, the next time you study at Lau, you will be super focused, and you will literally be blocking out the haters.

Alpine Touring Boots

La Sportiva Spectre 2.0 Alpine Touring Boot | Backcountry.com
They look pretty durable to me

I don’t know if these boots will work well, but when I googled durable boots, and they came up, so let’s trust Google here. Cicadas shed their skin, and I absolutely cannot take the sound or feeling of when I step on an exoskeleton. Hopefully, these Alpine boots will prevent you from feeling these creepy-crawlies on your foot, but no guarantees. 

Bug-Repellent Suit

Netsmen Wearable Mosquito Suit

Don’t want a cicada to accidentally land on your favorite shirt? No worries, just put this suit on top of your clothes! Even if you’re out for a romantic night, I’m sure your date will understand this wardrobe necessity. Or, encourage them to wear a bug-repellent suit, too, because who doesn’t want to twin with their date? That would be super cute. And, you will also prevent bug bites, which I think is a big pro. I despise when mosquitoes have to stab my face, fingers or toes. Even if I might not be in Washington, D.C., you might see me wearing these around this summer…

Portable Hose

Reelcraft® Portable Hose Reel and Cart | Hoses, Nozzles, & Accessories -  Beacon Athletics
This is a power statement.

I didn’t know this until today, but one way to repel cicadas is to knock them off by spraying water with a hose. That is why I recommend a portable water hose. Like a fire extinguisher, having it right by you may come in handy. Not to mention, you can also spray water at your friends if they make you mad and you want to get revenge in a dramatic way. 

If you haven’t noticed, all the products I mentioned have multiple uses other than for cicadas, meaning that they might be worthwhile investments for everyone, even if you won’t experience the cicada season. Don’t worry, I am not an official sponsor for any of these, I am simply doing my job as a blogger to bring the freshest information to you, so these goods are what I think will be the best.

Anyway, to those who will be in D.C., all I can say is good luck; you have my best wishes.

Header Image: VOX

My Love-Hate Relationship With the Georgetown Men’s Basketball Program

Now that the madness of March has subsided, let’s just say my basketball bracket barely made it out alive. My predictions were severely busted in the first round by random upsets, like when 15 seed Oral Roberts swiftly knocked down Ohio State (which I wasn’t necessarily mad about). One upset that I was relying on that devastated both me and my bracket was Georgetown vs. Colorado. For no reason except for blind faith, I had Georgetown winning the championship and my max points dropped faster than a scandalous Youtuber’s subscriber count. This loss was one of the many times that the Georgetown men’s basketball team has ripped my heart out. 🎵Heart been broke so many times I don’t know what to believe …🎵

Live footage of me watching the Georgetown vs. Colorado game.

As for the other times when Georgetown basketball broke my heart, I still remember the 2013 tragedy when Georgetown (a literal number 2 seed) embarrassed themselves by losing to Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) A 15 SEED. When it became clear that Georgetown was not coming back, my siblings and I creatively and immaturely renamed Florida Gulf Coast as Fart Gas for short. My 11-year-old self thought that the best way to cope was to make bathroom jokes. To be fair, I was largely influenced by my immature 15-year-old brother, who still maintains the same sense of humor today as a 23-year-old. 

How I feel about Fart Gas University.

The icing on the cake was when Otto Porter Jr. left the same year for the NBA. For absolutely no reason at all, I felt personally betrayed by him leaving. I fell off the Georgetown basketball train after that year. I would casually watch, but I didn’t get into it as aggressively or inappropriately nickname any other teams … until this year. 

Otto might be happy here, but I bet he wouldn’t be if he knew he devastated an 11-year-old girl in 2013.

I may not have come up with any creative nicknames for teams that were beating us this season, but that didn’t stop me from screaming at the TV. Although we were destroyed in the tournament this year, at least we made it! And nothing can take away our Big East Championship OR the fact that we beat VillaNOfun on the road to the ’ship.

How I would be acting if I ever came close to the Big East Championship trophy.

Big news recently is that Qudus Wahab (34) entered the NCAA transfer portal. Just another example of Georgetown letting me down. I was in shock when all the Instagram posts starting rolling in and I am still struggling to come to terms with it as I write this. It’s like going through a breakup but worse because I have never been through a breakup but this is the fourth Georgetown player to leave in the past two seasons. It was hard enough to witness the team lose three players in 2019-20 before I even went to school here.

*Cough* Traitor. *Cough*

I am genuinely so curious to know why he’s leaving, so I might have to do some undercover investigative reporting. My usual stalking skills will not be much help considering that in my preliminary research I found @bola_dee_baller (Wahab’s Instagram account) had disabled all comments. Kinda sus if you ask me. It’s like he knew people would be unhappy with his decision when the news came out. …

I WILL be getting to the bottom of this.

I know it’s not healthy for me to base my mental stability on a team that has only let me down, but I also know I will be transferring if Dante Harris ever enters the transfer portal or the NCAA draft (just don’t tell my parents). Actually, I was texting people that I would transfer DURING that embarrassing performance against Colorado in the tournament, so I guess it’s not hard to send me over the edge. 

How I felt for weeks after the Colorado game.

I am honestly surprised that I have remained such a strong supporter of Georgetown basketball after all these years considering all of the times they have devastated me. My expectations are simply too high after growing up hearing my dad romanticize the golden days of Georgetown basketball in the ’80s. Maybe we will work our way back there (hopefully within my four years at Georgetown), but if this year taught me anything, it’s to not get my hopes up.

The pep talk I give myself when watching Georgetown basketball.

Let’s hope next season does not disappoint (for the sake of my mental stability), because my expectations are higher than Dikembe Mutombo’s jumps — solely based on the strength of our recruiting class. A toxic personality trait of mine is going around bragging to people that we have the No. 6 recruiting class in the nation even if they don’t care. They honestly should care, so that sounds like their problem.

The typical response I get when I ask people if they want to hear me talk about Georgetown basketball.


7 Ways To Treat Momma Earth Better on Her Special Day ♡


In honor of Mother’s Day. … Wait no. … In honor of Earth Day, here is a list of things you can be doing to celebrate your Mom! I mean Earth! Here are some things you can be doing to celebrate the EARTH this April 22!

Public Service Announcement: EVERY DAY is Earth Day! Use these tips beyond April 22. So go recycle, you tree huggers ;)

1.) Eat Plant Based!

Being a vegan for just one day saves approximately 1,100 gallons of water and 45 pounds of grain. By opting to be plant based for the 22nd, less strain is put on Earth’s resources. Heck yeah!


Aside from the plentiful vegan content creators, like VeGains, check out other celebrities’ vegan meals for inspiration! Instead of eating eggs and bacon this 22nd, try Lizzo’s “Nature’s Cereal” for a sweet start to the day.



If you find meal prepping like a celebrity to be too difficult, try fast food! While the fast food industry is not the most carbon-neutral meal option, replacing an animal byproduct meal with something plant-based does limit your carbon footprint. Need suggestions on what to order? Check these options out!

  • Chipotle: instead of meat, try sofritas (aka Tofu)
  • Taco Bell: order your usual meal as meatless and “Fresco Style” (Fresco Style replaces the item’s cheese, sour cream, and mayo-based sauces with diced tomatoes).
  • Subway: order a wrap with guac and all the veggies
  • Burger King: the Impossible Burger
  • Chick-fil-A: Grilled Cool Wrap (without cheese or chicken) with a side of waffle fries
  • McDonald’s: coming later this year, Micky D’s will be releasing the McPlant Burger to North America. About time!

2.) Use a refillable water bottle

While using a refillable water bottle seems to be a no brainer for Earth Day, 80% of plastic water bottles are never recycled. Additionally, the whole bottling water supply chain is incredible inefficient. So you BEST not be drinking from a “Life’ plastic water bottle this holiday season.


3.) Change Your Transportation Habits

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, transportation leaves the largest carbon footprint every year. Changing how you get around can profoundly impact your individual effect on the environment. Instead of driving to get your nails done, try these alternatives:

  • Bike!
    • Which …
      • limits your greenhouse gas emissions
      • burns calories (which means more Oreos for later ;) … did I mention Oreos are vegan?!)
      • saves you money from not paying for gas or car insurance (more money = more Patagucci)
    • Don’t own a bike? Check out Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace! Because spending too much on a new bike is a terrible idea considering the amount of bikes stolen every year in the Washington, D.C. area.
  • Carpool!
    • While saving the planet is cool and all … carpooling also allows someone to assert their dominance on the aux. The key to a success carpool is finding someone who is likeminded in their music taste. Otherwise, your wannabe Spice Girl will clash hard with their Lil Nas X.
  • Roller Blade!
    • Have you ever seen someone look upset while Roller blading? Neither have I. Maybe its because they feel like Apolo Ohno? Or maybe they are embracing their main character moment? Regardless, roller blading does provide a faster alternative to walking.
  • Power Walk ;)
    • Embrace your inner future MILF: pull up those Lulu’s, get your gossip ready, and pick up that pace! Remember: it’s heel-to-toe not feel-too-slow. So get out there and be the MILF you are destined to be, baby!
  • Buy a Tesla!
    • Because Elon Musk needs to fund The Boring Company’s tunnel expansion. But in all seriousness, buying a Tesla indicates you are wealthy, hot, AND an Earth lover.

4.) Shop Local, Secondhand, Slow!

I know that Shein bikini is super cute and would complement your skin color, but the company is extremely unethical and abuses the environment! Even though the suit is pink, Elle Woods would call you out for wearing such a thing. As the fashion industry is not linear and often recycles trends every 20ish years, invest in pieces that will last and are compatible to your individual wardrobe. There is a reason you still raid your parent’s closets for vintage gemsthe things you buy now have the potential to resurface in a few years! Check out these great eco-friendly shopping companies and suggestions:



Some local Georgetown/D.C. favs are:

  • Frugalista
  • Rosario’s
  • Smash Records
  • The Goodwill in Bethesda, Md.
  • The Goodwill in Rockville
  • And Adams Morgan has a ton of great antique/thrift shops!


  • Best Outdoor/Workout Clothing:
    • Patagonia
    • Arc’teryx
    • The North Face
    • Girlfriend Collective
    • Outdoor Voices
  • Wear to Work Clothes:
    • Reformation
    • Eileen Fisher
    • Artizia
    • Everlane
  • Shoes:
    • Allbirds
    • Blundstones (lifetime warranty, baby!)
    • Teva
    • Chacos
    • Rothy’s


  • Poshmark
  • Mercari
  • DePop
  • threadUP
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Ebay

5.) Use the Day To Embrace Your Inner Slob

So much of the innovation that we have nowadays is often abused and taken for granted. On this holiday, use the day to be mindful of your habits and (perhaps) get a little lazy.

  • Skip a shower for the day: while your roommates will hate you for this … missing a shower can save a tremendous amount of water (especially if you typically sing along with T. Swift).
  • Eat EVERYTHING: the more you eat, the less food that is wasted and sent to landfills. Dig through your pantry and play around with food combos! Perhaps mixing peanut butter with pickles? Bonus points if your creations are vegan!
  • Leave your lights off: living in the dark requires less energy, decreases your energy bill, and really creates a ~homey~ feel when you light up some candles. Let’s take it back to our roots and live like cavemen, cavewomen and cave nonbinary people for the day.
  • Stay Home: Calling all homebodies! Instead of leaving your living space to use transportation, shop from a fast fashion company, or eat from an establishment that abuses natural resources … just stay home!

6.) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Stemming from the first Earth Day, the three Rs reduce, reuse, recycle has become a common and inclusive way to help spread the environmentalist agenda. Need some motivation for incorporating the three Rs into your life? Well look no further!


  • Food
    • Let’s reduce our food consumption this spring. Buy food that you know you will eat and will not be wasted. If you didn’t vibe with Trader Joe’s Thai Style Green Chili Sauce, maybe hand it off to a friend?
  • Toxic Energy
    • Not only am I talking about that weird on-and-off again relationship you have going with your ex, but also using unsustainable energy sources. Try to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels!


Ok, maybe that “weird on-and-off again relationship you have going with your ex” does apply here … but nevertheless! Invest in quality items that can be repurposed and reused. Alternatively, become that Pinterest influencer who’s deep inside you and dying to get out. Finished a pint of Talenti gelato to soften the pain of midterms? Use the jar to store something. But what’s that something? I don’t know, that’s for you to find out! ;)



Here’s an idea: Let’s recycle that “weird on-and-off again relationship you have going with your ex” to become your friend’s problem. Maybe they can turn that nothing into something? Just a thought!


But remember: What can and cannot be recycled varies by state. For more information, check out Martha Stewart’s comprehensive list of varies state’s recycling policies. Cheers to Ms. Stewart for being such a stellar citizen perhaps she learned what can and cannot be recycled from her time picking up trash in jail? Thanks Queen! In the case of D.C.: these items are eligible to be recycled.

7.) Help Out a Worthy Cause!

Georgetown peeps! Y’all literally go to school in D.C. and should know the power of the people. Check out these resources for some progressive environmental change!




If you are able, below are some amazing organizations committed to environmental causes that also accept monetary donations:


Happy Earth Day!


Instead of using Earth Day to post on your Instagram all those heavily edited pics from all the places you have traveled, do something that actually positively affects our planet’s health. Please do something from this list to help our Momma Earth!

Remember: there is no Plan(et) B for after you screw Earth. Treat her right!

Header Image: ONE EARTH

Finding Culture in the Kitchen


When I first talked to my mom about moving into an off-campus apartment as a first-year in college, she laughed at me. “What are you going to eat?” followed the 30 seconds of laughter. Eventually, after having a serious conversation about moving to the DMV, we made it happen. This past January, my parents and I packed up all of the suitcases in the house and flew into Virginia, ready to start this new chapter in my life.

After landing and checking out the apartment, one of the first things we did was hit up the local Asian grocers. My mom kept adding items to the cart, saying, “You’ll need this,” and, “This is easy to use.” In reality, I had no idea what I was going to do with any of the items — unless it was a snack I added myself. After checkout, I ended up with the most intimidating ingredients on the planet (at the time). There was fish sauce, chicken bouillon, oyster sauce, Chinese cabbage, salmon, gochujang and a bunch of other items that I couldn’t pronounce, let alone cook with.

When I tell you I was off to a rocky start, I mean it. I didn’t touch half the grocery items in my pantry for at least two weeks for fear of messing something up. But as mentioned in my previous blog post, all it took for my confidence and determination to set in was to just try out a recipe. I started with rice and eggs, then moved on to fried rice, pad thai and stir-fries. Once I got comfortable with the items in my cabinet and fridge, I experimented on noodle soups, fried wontons, and a few classic Vietnamese dishes. After making every dish, I would FaceTime my mom to show her how proud I was of myself. Through the screen, I was able to see how proud she was too. For a split moment, it felt like we were eating together at home again.

Here are a few of the dishes that my mom was proud of:

I was desperately craving something to slurp on, so I called my mom to ask how to spice up a broth and we came up with this! This is a simple noodle soup that I made with a basic chicken bone broth seasoned with chicken bouillon, fish sauce, soy sauce, ginger, garlic and a bunch of mix-ins.


This dish is a classic Vietnamese staple called Bánh Xèo. My mom would make this every once in a while and it always hit just the right spot. Although my version wasn’t nearly as good as my mom’s, it still felt like home.


This dish is called Chả Cá or Vietnamese fried fish cakes. My mom overnighted a huge box of food for me, and this was part of the package. All I had to do was let the paste thaw and fry it in some oil!


This dish is called Bò Lúc Lắc, or “Shaking Beef,” but the more fun name and what I like it call it is “Twerking Beef.” I would order this at the Vietnamese restaurant by my high school all the time and had the sudden urge to recreate it. All I can say is that it was a mighty fine idea.


This next dish is called Chinese Broccoli in Oyster Sauce. My family used to order this every time we would eat out at a Chinese dim sum restaurant for lunch. To satisfy my craving, I decided to give it a try and I was successful!


Now, this last dish hit super close to home. Living in South Florida, my family is full of fishers. During the summer, there was always fresh fish at the house, usually caught the morning of. Luckily, I found a local butcher in Georgetown that sold sashimi-grade tuna and was able to recreate a classic poke bowl!


Living so far away from home and attending a predominately white institution, I was genuinely afraid of losing some of the culture centered at home. However, I quickly came to realize that some of the best forms of culture are created in the kitchen. Cooking is my way of keeping in touch with my roots (and it reminds me to call my parents every day). My mom even tells me I’m starting to cook better than her — but everyone knows nothing beats a home-cooked meal from your parent.

Header Image: MENTAL FLOSS

Let’s talk about the Grammys

On March 14, the Recording Academy held its 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. Want to see some highlights from the show? Watch Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak sing “Leave the Door Open” or Queen Bey herself, Beyonce, break the record for the number of Grammys won by any single artist. Both will truly make your day.

But, I’m here to talk about one group that did not receive enough attention: BTS. Yes, I am an ARMY, but their talent is undeniably amazing, and I am truly saddened that they did not receive the attention they deserved.

So, I did a little bit of research, being the ~investigative~ blogger that I am, to find out more about the scam — oops, I meant spectacular, my bad! — business of the Grammys.

The Voting Process

If you go on its website, the Recording Academy lists out how the voting process works. Seems pretty simple right? However, you may have noticed that it does not mention a word about who the voting members are, except that they are “artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers.” Because the Academy would not tell me who these members are themselves, I looked up the diversity of the United States music industry. (I’m basically becoming Sherlock Holmes at this point.)

The results are shocking… or should I say expected? In the United States, non-Hispanic white artists comprised 62.5% of the occupation, while Black artists made up only 11.6% of the sector. Asian artists came in fourth place, with ONLY 6% of the industry. 

Okay, so let’s do some basic transitive property-type logic here. If the Grammy voting members are composed of the so-called “music creators,” and there is heavy underrepresentation of the Asian community in the industry in the first place, then what does that mean? There are likely few Asian artists who have voting membership. It seems to me that the Grammys are not a reliable way to tell if the artist is talented or not.

This is exactly how I felt after doing some geometry-type theory as an SFS student. #math

2021 Nominations

Now that we got the basics down, let’s look at the nominations for the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards. The most famous fields are Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. BTS was not nominated for any of those awards, yet they did get nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their hit song, “Dynamite.” 

But, wait a minute. BTS released TWO albums (“Map of the Soul: 7” and “Be”) during the eligibility period (Sept. 1, 2019 to Aug. 31, 2020). If you need a reference, they released the same number of albums as Taylor Swift, for all you Swifties out there. Not to mention, both of the BTS albums hit number 1 in the US charts (not that the rankings matter for Grammys, but it is monumental for an Asian pop group). I fully believe that BTS should at least have been nominated for Song of the Year, which is voted based on the lyrics of the song. The “Be” album, recorded and released during this pandemic, has songs that cover many emotions that many of us have experienced this past year, from fear, burnout, loneliness to happiness.

Furthermore, the most well-known song, “Dynamite,” talks about taking joy in the little things in life. For instance, the first two lines in the first verse are “Shoes on, get up in the morn’ / Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll.” If you don’t know the song by heart at this point, please do so because it will literally make your day. And these lines serve as proof. I, for sure, don’t feel like rock n’ rolling when I roll out of bed, half-sleeping at 8 a.m. Nevertheless, if you do listen to this song, it will get you moving and energetic. Even if you are a terrible dancer like me, it will make you want to show off your moves from the robot arms to the chicken dance, and why not?

It’s sad my dancing is currently at Oscar level. …

The song is about enjoying your life, so let it be how it wants! “Dynamite” has been a perfect anthem during the pandemic to find meaning in the remote life that we have right now, so wouldn’t it make sense for this song to at least have been nominated in this time setting? This album is especially relatable because we are all going through the pandemic together, and members of BTS have gone through similar experiences as us. If they weren’t nominated for this year’s awards, when will they be? 

The Awards Night

Before we talk about BTS’ nomination, let’s talk about their red carpet. The red carpet officially kicked off at 6:30 p.m. EST, which corresponds to 7:30 a.m. Korean Standard Time. The members woke up at 3 a.m. to dress up and put on makeup, and they looked amazing, as always.

2021 grammy awards bts
Can you beat that 7 a.m. look? No one can.

Even with their commitment to the red carpet, the media did not recognize this dedication, so while they woke up for the Grammys, they only received minimal attention. That’s sad. Get your act together, Recording Academy. 

Now, let’s look at the award BTS was actually nominated for: Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. This award recognizes the artistic excellence of the group. I’m not saying that the song that won, “Rain on Me,” is not good. In fact, that song is iconic. But, I am going to put it out there that overall, “Dynamite” had such an enormous impact on so many lives that it shouldn’t even be compared to the other songs. The lyrics, along with their clear voices and their choreography, together, create a song that is true art. 

If this gif doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what will

Did this blog just become a rant session for me? Possibly, yes. Nonetheless, the Grammys at its current state is not looking too great. The Recording Academy should at least make its voting process more transparent and work to diversify the members to give all talented artists a chance. Until then, “MIC Drop”(ed)… sorry had to put that in there :D

“Everyday we vibin’, mic drop, bam”

I Spy: Zoom Edition

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re paying close attention to Professor [Redacted]’s lecture on quantum mechanics, and the next minute your eyes have wandered off to your classmates’ rooms in the background of their Zoom squares. What does that poster behind Peter say? Hold on, does Jessica have a dog? Whether you like it or not, getting distracted by your peers is pretty much an inevitability, what with all of us having short attention spans. Here are just some of the things we’ve noticed on our little “brain breaks.”



A common item, posters are an inexpensive way for people to show off their interests. There’s only so much you can fit into your 30 seconds or so of professor-mandated sharing time, after all. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find someone else with a similar Jonas Brothers obsession. 



Like posters, but with more effort. Because of its low visibility, it’s there more for the person the room belongs to than for anyone else. *Squints* Is that Taylor Swift?

World Maps


If there is a map onscreen, there’s a good chance its owner is a School of Foreign Service student. When picking out a world map, please make sure that it’s not missing New Zealand or any other small island that might be forgotten.



Usually an American flag. Though putting one up is usually a controversial decision, all we at the 4E can say about the flag of the United States of America is that it …exists. It wouldn’t hurt to have some variety though, which makes the ever-elusive sighting of a state flag or a flag from another country a pleasant surprise. 



Very cute. 10/10. No complaints here. If you weren’t already distracted from the lecture, you are now.



If sighted, kids will usually be on a professor’s screen. They help humanize their parent as you’re about to be assigned a 10-page research paper due the following week. Oh, and by the way, that paper is worth 30% of your grade. At least the kid is cute!

10 Things You May or May Not Know About “The Bachelor”

Will you enjoy reading this article? The answer to both of these questions is yes.

My roommates and my sister have recently gotten me hooked on watching “The Bachelor,” and I quickly became obsessed. As season 25 (it’s really been going on that long?) comes to a close, here are 10 crazy things I learned that you may or may not know about “The Bachelor.” 

1. Contestants are completely removed from the outside world.

Most people who know even a little bit about “The Bachelor” know that the producers cut contestants off from the outside world. I originally took this as, “Oh they can’t go on Instagram. Boohoo.” Turns out, it’s so much worse than that. They do not have access to phones, TV, music, magazines or even BOOKS. Not being allowed to have books kind of caught me off guard, but they don’t seem like the type to read anyway. You even have to be granted permission to watch a movie. But if the producers didn’t cut these girls completely off from the world, how would they get so bored that they stir up the most toxic drama for fun? I mean, that is the whole point of the show.

2. Rose ceremonies are at 2 a.m.

Yea, at 2 a.m. Sheesh. A girl needs her beauty sleep.

I mean it only makes sense because obviously it’s the best lighting. Enough said.

3. There is an extensive packing list AND YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED THREE SUITCASES!

Live footage of me trying to cram all of my earthly belongings into two suitcases before Georgetown ripped my heart out.

This sounds eerily similar to when Georgetown ~recommended~ that first-years only bring two suitcases to campus in the fall (rip first fall and spring lol). I am having flashbacks to this past summer, and I just know that my fellow first-years are too. Imagine the anxiety of trying to stuff 14 formal dresses and nine weeks of clothes, makeup and shoes into three suitcases. Bleh, I don’t even want to think about it anymore.

4. They have to buy all of their own clothes. 


Yea, all those items shoved into three suitcases must be purchased by the contestant. One bachelorette took out a second mortgage to buy $8,000 worth of clothes for the show, which, according to math from Abigail Weintz’s lovely article is equivalent to approximately 894 Wisey’s Chicken Madness sandwiches. Personally, I would prefer those sandwiches to the minimum 14 fancy dresses needed for the rose ceremonies on top of all the outfits for dates. But, hey, they are looking for the love of their life, their one “true” person, so maybe it is worth it. Or maybe its worth is that they can become an influencer for three years and then fall back into oblivion. *Looks around* Who said that???

5. There are some “suggestions” for what you should and shouldn’t wear.

This is what the show would look like if the contestants were allowed to wear solid white.

These strong suggestions include stripes, small checkered patterns, big patterns, solid white, and honestly anything else the producers just don’t like. While contestants would never be told that something doesn’t look good, the producers will suggest that they change “because their outfit does not translate well on camera.” I bet the producers word it that way so that they don’t unleash the wrath of these emotionally unstable women by saying their outfits are ugly.

6. They become beauticians overnight.

This would be me, embarrassing myself on national television because of my lack of makeup and hair knowledge.

After the producers cheaped out on providing wardrobe, I shouldn’t be surprised that they do not provide hair or makeup, but I still am. I can’t imagine being on camera LITERALLY ALL THE TIME with my current knowledge of makeup that matches the skill of a middle schooler. One girl even hired a professional makeup artist to teach her tips and tricks before she went on the show. Maybe I should consider that if I ever hit rock bottom and audition to be on “The Bachelor.”

7. There is a two drink per hour rule.

Seems like some people have been breaking that rule. …

The perfect amount to spice up life in the mansion, without any of these ladies drinking too much and stirring up drama. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

8. They don’t eat on camera.

I mean, Patrick looks kinda cute here eating on camera.

Apparently it’s too loud for the cameras and “nobody wants to see that.” I mean they’re right — I personally would not like to see that. But I also think that eating in front of your potential soulmate is a very telling experience. They just eat all sad and alone in their rooms before all of the dates. #depressing

9. And don’t forget about your mandatory psych evaluation.

This GIF is literally from “Bachelor in Paradise,” which is a more chaotic spin-off of “The Bachelor.”

I definitely have some questions about this one. It makes me wonder if they do the psych eval just to find the most unstable people and throw them in a house to see what happens. Maybe they need a more comprehensive evaluation considering the many irrational behaviors that occur in just one episode.

10. Chris Harrison, the host of “The Bachelor,” was fired (low key)


Harrison will not return to host the next season of “The Bachelorette,” and he has been replaced by Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. It is unclear if ABC will allow him to return in future seasons, but it seems to me that Chris was dumped and is unable to accept it because he keeps saying how this is not the end. Although Harrison has already been replaced (by two fantastic women nonetheless — I actually know nothing about them, BUT the bar is just so low), I think a better choice would have been Ted Cruz for three reasons…

1. He is soon out of a job.

2. He is equally if not more problematic than Chris Harrison.

3. The entire “Bachelor” franchise radiates major Republican vibes, so Ted will fit in just fine.

However, “The Bachelor” has been safer during the pandemic. 🙄 Contestants had to be tested every third day for COVID during the 2020-21 seasons. Can Ted Cruz say the same? The contestants also quarantined before appearing on the show. Can Cruz say the same before he jetted off to Mexico? (Chris Harrison broke quarantine though🤭 and was temporarily replaced by JoJo Fletcher.) In all honesty, who would Chris Harrison’s replacement be if he didn’t also display problematic actions as a public figure?

I hope you enjoyed learning about some crazy things about “The Bachelor” and didn’t lose any brain cells in the process.

How ‘MasterChef’ Changed My Life

My love for “MasterChef” all started when my roommates forced me to join them on an episode of “MasterChef USA.” We had just recently moved into our cute little apartment (that creaks whenever you make a step) in Rosslyn, VA. The WiFi had just been installed, and my roommates decided that we had to have TV bonding night. I made sure to grab my phone as I never really enjoyed the fast-paced cooking reality shows. I ended up finishing the first episode only because I was hoping for some sort of “idiot sandwich” comment from Gordon Ramsay.


In two short weeks, we finished the entirety of “MasterChef USA” season 10. Since we’d moved in, I’d eaten rice and eggs every day for breakfast. A simple meal, for sure, but I began to imagine how I could make my meals reflect the beauty of the meals on “MasterChef.” After many attempts, my eggs looked great and my sister even complimented them, and my sister never compliments anything of mine! Then, of course, the attention seeker in me decided to post the eggs on my Instagram story. All it took was one person to swipe up for my pride to build.

Every meal after that has become a competition with myself. How can I make my meals look pretty enough to rival the ones on “MasterChef” and make my IG look pretty enough for validation from my followers? Let me show you a few of my greatest creations below.

These were the eggs that started it all. My mother and sister approved, so that’s all it took for me to gain enough confidence to share on my IG.

Thanks to my roommates’ “MasterChef” addiction, I actually found myself getting better with my skills in the kitchen. I was cutting faster, adjusting the heat properly, and seasoning just how it should be. On top of those, my food photography skills were improving as well. Take a look below!

This is my friend’s, Kiran, and my version of Chicken Tikka Masala.

In this recipe, my friend Kiran and I made our version of a Chicken Tikka Masala, something I was terribly craving since moving up to Virginia. I’d say we cheated on this recipe, because we used a store-bought sauce. It was good, but we found ourselves adding garlic, onions, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and a heck ton of paprika.

This is a simple version of spaghetti and pan-fried shrimp.

Now this dish was a banger. It was my first time cooking pasta without anyone’s physical help, and a few noodles may have ended up on the wall (apparently if they stick, it’s al dente).

This is a ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich with corn salsa and chips on the side.

This meal above was one of my favorites because of all of the colors involved. It also took a little more work because I pickled the onions in the sandwich myself. The corn salsa was something my sister made all the time, but I never had the courage to try it out myself.

This is my version of deep-fried panko shrimp.

I actually gained a few pounds after eating these fried shrimp bits (jk … maybe). I’ve always had a fear of hot oil (*flashback to past traumatic experiences with popping oil burns*) but built up the courage to try out frying some shrimp because I was in the mood for something greasy. To be fair, I paired it with a salad to make it healthy.

This is a simple one: pancakes with some fresh strawberries and syrup.

These pancakes were extremely fun to make — partly because this was my first time making them from scratch. I didn’t realize how easy this dish is to make! After that morning, I vowed to never make pancakes from the box ever again.

Another simplified version of spaghetti and parmesan chicken (but no parmesan, oops).

When I say this spaghetti dish was memorable, I mean it. Despite how delicious this may look, it was probably one of the worst things I’ve made: It was very bland and undercooked. After giving myself some time to reflect (I literally sat on the couch and thought about this), I realized my mistakes: I didn’t let the chicken set to room temperature before frying it, I didn’t pound it flat enough, and, most importantly, I didn’t season it properly. It wasn’t my proudest moment, but I’m glad I know how to improve myself for round two.


Overall, my experiences in the kitchen were entirely new adventures for me, inspired by my new love of “Masterchef.” Many of the recipes I shared on my IG story were actually my first attempts at them. When someone asks me what my favorite thing to make is, I always struggle to answer because I’ve only ever made everything once! Wait a couple of months and ask me that same question, and hopefully, I’ll have an answer ready to tell you.

‘drivers license’ But Make It Georgetown

Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song “drivers license” has exactly what every catchy pop song needs: a relatable message. The theme of the song, about a teenage girl’s first real heartbreak, has made it a featured staple on heartbreak playlists everywhere.

Joshua Bassett said FOREVER and now she’s driving ALONE past his street. How can you not get teary eyed?

But, as I listened to this absolute bop for what must be the hundredth time, I thought, you know what could make this more relatable? Adding a little Georgetown ~spice~ of course! Here are some of my ideas for a “drivers license” Georgetown Remix (feat. Bob Groves)

Real image of Jack the Bulldog on his way to Joshua Bassett’s house.

I got my … last week

New GOCard

Just like your driver’s license, GOCards are essential to the Georgetown student experience, from literally opening doors to laughing at your friends’ awkward pictures. But did anyone else go through the sheer panic of losing their official Georgetown One Card five minutes into the first day of classes their first year? No? Just me?

Me running through the ICC hallways trying to find my GOCard

Condoms From the H*yas For Choice Leavey Center Table

Georgetown, being a Jesuit institution, doesn’t *ahem* promote safe sex practices. But where Georgetown fails to provide, student advocacy steps in! If your date over Chick-fil-A nuggets goes well, you can stop by the HFSC table and grab some free condoms! Just make sure that your partner is 1) consenting and 2) not going to break your heart just like Josh broke Olivia’s.


Fake Chipotle from Sazón

Ah, Leo J. O’Donovan’s on the Waterfront, serving Hoyas fresh (?) and nutritious (???) meals since 2003. While Leo’s may serve some… questionable food options, students always wait in anticipation for fake Chipotle week at Sazón. For just a single meal swipe you can get a burrito bowl that rivals the overpriced one that you can purchase on M Street. But, this is a limited time offering, and after a glorious week, Hoyas are left feeling as dejected as Olivia.

How dare fake Chipotle leave us Hoyas behind after a week of bliss!

Just like we always talked about, cause you were so excited for me to finally drive up to your …

Lau 2 Cubicle

The best floor in Lauinger Library, with prime accessibility to friends and coffee. But, honestly, I bet Josh would study on Lau 5, or worse, the haunted ~lower level~

Does anyone actually study on Lau 2, though?

Overpriced Burleith Townhouse

Of course, Burleith (a.k.a. Georgetown Jr.) is brimming with Georgetown University seniors who are happy to finally be free of RAs and communal toilets. Getting hit with that “U up?” text at 1 a.m. from someone who lives in Burleith means either ignoring it or getting into an Uber Pool, neither of which are ideal options. No wonder Olivia would have been happy to finally get her driver’s license!

Seniors laughing at underclassmen living in the dorms, but joke’s on them! Everyone’s too tired to leave the Hilltop to hang with them.

Friend of a Friend’s Sweaty Henle

The ~sweaty Henle~ is a Georgetown staple. So is getting a text to show up to a stranger’s apartment because one of your friends is there. Combined? Frequenting a friend of a friend’s sweaty Henle. You can bet that Josh would have been texting Olivia to “come thruuuu”!


And you’re probably with that …


Hillterns are to Georgetown what the Kardashians are to television: everywhere and far too self-important for what their job entails. It just ~makes sense~ to lose your man to a Hilltern. They have everything a Georgetown student could ask for! Job security, political clout, an over-confident attitude — you name it, they’ve got it!


Corp Barista

Being in one of the most exclusive clubs on Georgetown’s campus and getting paid to do it? Now even I’m insecure. One scribbled heart onto an iced latte and it’s over for you!


Wisey’s Rat

Iconic. Sheer perfection embodied in one lifeform. If your man says he wouldn’t leave you for the Wisey’s Rat, then I hate to break it to you, but he ain’t your man.


And I know we weren’t perfect, but I never felt this way for no one: Olivia really ~sees~ my relationship with the Hilltop. Keep on driving with your licenses, Hoyas!

Exposing Georgetown’s Biggest Super-Spreader (P.S. It’s Not Who You Think)

Every week, I look forward to one thing and one thing only (and no, it isn’t braving the weekend rush at Call Your Mother or laughing at the throngs of tweens crowding M Street in front of Brandy Melville). It’s the weekly emails telling the Georgetown students just how many COVID-19 cases we have. If you’re me, it’s almost like a guessing game. How many is it gonna be this week? More? Less? Although we all hope that the numbers go down (and that everyone is doing their job to stop the spread), no matter what the results are, one thing is certain: the off-campus students go above and beyond with their test results! At this point in the semester, you’d think the numbers might level out, and you’d be wrong. Why? Because no one’s bringing justice to Georgetown’s Biggest COVID-19 Super-Spreader: Chunky the Panda.


At first glance, he seems innocent, sweet even. How could a cuddly little panda be the culprit of all these COVID cases?? Here I’ll examine just three of the ways this panda has gotten away with murder.

Exhibit A: The Tour

Chunky entered our lives in the beginning of 2020. With his first Instagram post, his purpose was to bring good vibes to Georgetown. However, he couldn’t stay put in DC for long. As Chunky gained clout on the Hilltop, he took action with his newfound fame. No, he didn’t go to Saddle Ranch to rub elbows with Bryce Hall, Addison Rae, and the rest of the TikTok teens; he went on tour. Chunky decided to reach out to his followers to try and hit all 50 states. Should we really be traveling like this during a pandemic, Chunky? Should we? Think about it.

Exhibit B: The Masks (or should we say lack thereof?)

Chunky is an avid Instagram poster (who can blame him), and in the last year alone he shared pictures of his adventures with his adoring fans a whopping 66 times!


It’s okay. I understand. Even I get excited when someone takes a good picture of me, but that isn’t the problem here. The panda is. Chunky is visiting new people almost every week, and only two of his 66 posts have him wearing a mask. Even giving Chunky the benefit of the doubt (stuffed panda sized masks might be hard to come by) seems a bit too hard; I hardly doubt Chunky’s COVID-19 pod is that large. At the very least give us the One Medical results, Chunky.

Exhibit C: The Vaccine


You would think that Chunky getting vaccinated is a good thing! Wrong. Chunky is stealing vaccines from the elderly :( Not cool Chunky. Plus, I’m not a medical expert, but it seems like that vaccine next to Chunky wasn’t even punctured by a needle. Are they really injecting you Chunky? Or is this a photo-op to lead people off your trail as a super-spreader?? I’m inclined to believe the latter. Plus, this picture was posted Feb. 2, and it has been over a full month. Where’s the second dose Chunky? Oh wait, it isn’t there. Not even on your Instagram stories. Why? Because you didn’t even get the first one.


As we can see through my incredibly astute research, the reason the Georgetown off-campus community is still being hit by COVID-19 is due to none other than the last person (or sentient plush panda) we would expect, and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if in Chunky’s next post we see him clubbing in Miami for Spring Break. I’m sure nobody would bat an eye.