Best Bets: Hot Spots for Hoyas

by Erin Collins

Now that we’re all settled back into school and have made it through an almost full week, there’s no excuse for not going out this weekend.

Head to the Verizon Center to support the Hoyas as they take on the Scarlet Knights this Saturday.  Tip off is at noon! So wear your blue and gray, and get ready to be as loud as possible. Let’s help the Hoyas bring home a win, and give all the students something to celebrate Saturday night. We are…GEORGETOWN!

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Friday Fixat10ns #1

4E’s Friday Fixat10ns #1 from thehoya on 8tracks.

Every Friday, 4E will post a playlist of 10 songs that have fixated us for the past week. Those fixat10ns will be posted on 4E both as a testament to the end of the week, but also in preparation for the weekend to come. This week, we have understandably been fixated to the construction and beginning of the blog.

So, in this first edition of Fixat10ns, 4E celebrates our inaugurat10n day with 10 songs celebrating the beginning. The initiat10n. The introduct10n. The commencement of a new tradit10n in the Georgetown blogoshpere.

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Hello and Welcome!

Introducing the newest member of The Hoya family – welcome to The Fourth Edition! As a companion to our Tuesday/Friday issues and The Guide, The Fourth Edition will be publishing daily with everything from news stories and campus trends to an insider look at some of Georgetown’s most elusive student organizations. We’ll also be pounding the pavement (read: searching the internet) to find the best festivals, food trucks and nightlife that DC has to offer. Basically, we’re your go-to for all things fantastic.

And with whom are you about to trust all of this? Hi! I’m Michelle, your fearless leader! I’m a big fan of science, cheese and animals of all shapes and sizes. I’m beyond excited to put this blog before you now. It’s the product of lots of hard work done by some very smart people, without whom The Fourth Edition would have been a big mess (not unlike our distant cousins over at The Third Edition). Many thanks to everyone who has helped out in the creation of this blog, it wouldn’t exist without you.

Way back in our very first issue back in 1920, then-editor-in-chief Joseph Mickler made this remark:

“Blushing as coyly as any schoolgirl, and with the excited fears and hopes of a debutante or a Mexican insurrection before a firing squad, we lay this first edition of The Hoya at the feet of the student body, and retreat to a safe distance to observe the effects”

That about sums up how I’m feeling as I click “publish” on this first post. So here it is, the first edition of The Fourth Edition. We’re here to serve you, Georgetown, so we want to hear from you whether that be in the comments, via email, Twitter or a visit to our office in Leavey 421. We would especially appreciate the last one.

-Michelle Cassidy