OWN IT 2015

Own It

Hello Georgetown, we here at 4E are coming to you live from Gaston Hall for the 2nd Annual OWN IT Summit. Things started here at 9am and time is starting to fly!

We started off with a beautiful introduction from Summit co-founders Helen and Kendall, reminding us that this day is about us and that we all need to OWN IT!

Azure Antoinette led off with an inspirational poem, embodying why we are here and what we need to do. Kara Swisher and Danielle Brooks had a great conversation, even though Danielle was basically choking (feel better!).  

Next up was the Image panel, filled with Georgetown alumni, talking about being leaders and trailblazers in the media industry! These women find the news so inspiring in this ever-changing world. You need a support system, not just in your personal life but also in your career. We are all here to help each other succeed. How do you balance work and home? To Norah, that’s a ridiculous question. It’s never asked to men, and it makes us feel inadequate.

At 11:40 the first round of experiential sessions began, I personally set out to attend the Women in Tech panel. There, I heard from a variety of women: from the White House to Air BnB. These women told us to be comfortable with what we know and to keep our vision in our minds. My biggest takeaway? This panel pointed out the difference between being a woman in tech and a technical woman. Just because one is not an engineer does not mean they cannot play a substantial role in the technology conversation.

After a rapid lunch thanks to Hilltoss and a pit stop at the Girls Lounge to say hi to Shelley Zalis, I headed to my second session this time with the college prepster!

 It was so amazing and refreshing to hear from a recent Georgetown grad who is doing something she loves and making money for it. Her boyfriend accompanied her and was super supporting, which made the session so much better.

Our next panel was the innovation panel, discussing everything from Google Glass to 3D printing. That was soon followed by the Identity and Impact panels, culminating in a overwhelming emotion of empowerment.

The day ended with Megan Smith receiving the OWN IT 2015 Award and, after hearing her speak 3 times today, I can honestly say that she has become my newest role model!

Overall, OWN IT was an amazing and truly empowering event. For those of you who were unable to make it, you surely will not want to miss next year. As each year passes by we grow the conversation more and more and I cannot wait to see what next year brings!

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