No Shave November Has Ended!

No ShaveThe day is finally upon us: Nov. 30. At last, the long and arduous facial hair-growing process of No Shave November will come to an epic conclusion … and a whole bunch of guys are now going to shave. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we at 4E have compiled a list of our favorite beards that could have been. If these people would have participated in No Shave November, here are what the outcomes might have looked like.

John Carroll:

John Carroll Beard Father Kevin O’Brien, S.J. (Vice President of Mission & Ministry):

Father OBrien Beard

John B. Carroll (a.k.a. the “new” Jack the Bulldog):

Jack Beard

Former Secretary of State and GU professor Madeleine Albright:

M Albright Beard

President Jack DeGioia:

J DeGioia Beard

And, of course, Lau:

Lau Beard

Happy December, Hoyas!

Photos: 123rf, The Georgetown Voice, PagePulp, Reddit, RenderRobin, Wamu, RbPhoto, Georgetown, Wikipedia, HealthNewsOne

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