My Daguerrotype Boyfriend

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While you may be looking for summer love in the typical places, summer jobs, the beach or local bars may come to mind, I’m turning to the place I love most to find my dream husband – history. “History?” You say, “How can you turn to history for romance?” Well tumblr blog My Daguerrotype Boyfriend is a good place to start.

My Daguerrotype Boyfriend features a unique collection of early daguerrotype and tinotype photographs with a common theme – really really ridiculously good looking subjects. The site describes itself as “where early photography meets extreme hotness” and I’m certainly not gonna argue. Some of the entries are familiar faces like Fredrick Douglass, Harry Houdini or F. Scott Fitzgerald but most are regular Joes whose names are all but lost to history. It sounds like the beginning of a cheesy romance novel. If that book doesn’t exist, I call dibs on writing it. After browsing their archives I have concluded that there are a lot of really sweet mustaches, pimped out military uniforms and strong jawlines that prove that some beauty really is timeless.

If these guys were around today, I know for sure that they would do well at Rhino on Friday nights.

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