Move Over, Valentine’s Day: Here’s Your New Favorite February Holiday

NutellaIt’s Feb. 5 – you know what that means! No, we’re not talking about Chris Parnell’s birthday or the release of Charlie Chaplin’s first “talkie.” We talkin’ World Nutella Day.


For the uninitiated, “New-tella” (NEVER “Nut-ella”) is a delicious spread made with hazelnuts and cocoa. That’s right — a whole day devoted to that creamy-chocolatey goodness. But what’s an official holiday without some history?

For Nutella’s creation, we can thank the good people at the Ferrero company, also famous for those addictive Ferrero Rocher chocolates and … Tic Tacs. In the 1940s during World War II, cocoa rationing forced Pietro Ferrero to use hazelnuts instead of cocoa in his products. According to the official Nutella USA website, Nutella was originally called “pasta gianduja” and was sold in little loaves. But once it became apparent that Nutella was popular for more than sandwiches, Ferrero started selling the goodness as a more spreadable product in a jar: “supercrema gianduja.” The name Nutella came about in 1964, and the rest is history.

So how should you celebrate World Nutella Day? The only logical answer is to consume Nutella as much as possible. If you do this already, then carry on with your normal activities. Understandably, not everyone is accustomed to the old “spoon-and-jar.” Well, you’re in luck! Here at 4E we have already documented our love for Nutella. Check out the link for some quick and easy recipes. For maximum nutty appreciation, these treats are best eaten while curled up on your bed and watching Netflix. Just remember to take a break at some point — don’t be this guy. Happy Nutella-ing, Hoyas!


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