Metro Thief Caught on Tape

For those of you with iPads and/or iPhones, you might want to think twice next time you pull them out the next time you’re on the Metro (unless you’re Daniel Wenger).  Two weeks ago, Wenger, who had just placed his iPad on his lap while riding the metro, had it snatched right out from underneath his fingers. He was able to follow the thief through the closing metro doors and onto the station platform, but not before breaking his arm in the closing doors.

But wait, it gets better. The thief jumped on to the opposite tracks and over the electric third rail. Luckily, someone on the opposite station platform was able to get the Ipad from the thief, and then back to Wenger. If you don’t believe, WUSA 9 news has the video to prove it. Man Tries to Recover Stolen IPad on Metro

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