Meet the New Fall 2019 Hires

This year, 4E welcomed three ~amazing~ and ~quirky~ new hires: two sophomores and one freshman! As you read our articles, we hope you familiarize yourself with their names. Here is each new hire’s “Top 3” list!

Janice Negvesky (COL ’22)

Top 3 Spongebob Gifs that Describe the Phases of Finals Szn at Georgetown

  1. “Freedom”: Classes have just ended, and it’s days away from your first final. It’s time to get down at The Corp Gala or aimlessly wander into sweaty Henle parties.
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2. “Grind Time”: Oh — wait, your first final is in two days! You should probably get studying. You’ve recuperated from the last week of classes, and you’re ready to get grinding on that 10-page research paper for your social science final.

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3. “Completion”: You did it, you survived finals by the skin of your… well, you get the point. Get outta here while you still can, and enjoy your break!

Sophie Allan (COL ’22)

Top 3 True Crime Podcasts

  1. My Favorite Murder: Hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, “My Favorite Murder” is the perfect blend of true-crime and comedy. From the Power Rangers Murders to the Weepy-Voiced Killer, the podcast covers everything, and you’ll quickly find yourself immersed in the crime-obsessed cult of Muderinos.
  2. The Generation Why Podcast: One of the oldest true crime podcasts, “The Generation Why Podcast,” features two friends, Justin and Aaron, who analyze theories about unsolved murders, conspiracies and controversies. Not for the faint of heart, this podcast is very gory, but the amazing hosts always leave you wanting more.
  3. S-Town: An investigative journalism podcast, “S-Town” is a complex and fascinating look into the life of John B. McLemore — a horologist and resident of “S–t Town, Alabama.” Far from straightforward, this murder mystery podcast can make you laugh and cry all in one episode.

Shreysi Mittal (MSB ’23)

Top Three Ways to Get Around Campus

  1. Contact a Yates bro: There are tons of people out there who seem to constantly be in one of three states: in Yates, going to Yates or coming back from Yates. Spare them the trek to the weightlifting area and just have them carry you place to place instead. Win-win situation.
  2. Use a freshman backpack: There are plenty of freshmen out there with backpacks so large that when they spin, even Darnall gets hit. You could easily slip in there, and they probably wouldn’t even notice they’re carrying you around.
  3. Hide under the GERMS-mobile: They’re always going back and forth, especially if it’s a Thursday night. I don’t think they’d mind if you hitch a ride.

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