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Julia Kieserman (COL ’16)


“Top five …”

Top 5 Signs You Are Underdressed:
1. It’s 9 a.m. on a Monday and your professor is wearing brightly colored socks that are stylishly mismatched with his equally poppin’ shirt. At least his pants are too short, so you can actually admire the socks.
2. You are the only one at a party who can sit cross-legged. Either you don’t mind getting something wrinkled or you’ve got nothing to show by doing it. Either way, it’s bad.
3. You’re wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts and you aren’t going to the gym. And it isn’t a ‘morning after’ Sunday. On a separate note, when is the last time you’ve been to the gym? Just saying.
4. It’s Chicken Finger Thursday. Better bring your bib. Whatever your outfit is, it’s just not complete without the bib. This is a special occasion and you better look the part. After all, there is no Thursday like a Chicken Finger Thursday.
5. Undesirable attention from campus royalty. Have you ever seen Jack on a bad hair day? Didn’t think so. Better not let him catch you on your bad hair day — might want to consider drool-proof attire as well.

willWill Cleaves (COL ’16)

What is an invention that every Georgetown student needs? 

I think that every student needs designated Jack time. Hanging out with dogs can really make you happy if you’re feeling lonely or stressed. I’m not sure if that is an “invention” that everybody needs but it could definitely be a nice way for students who are used to having dogs at home get some dog time. There’s no substitute for dog time.


Harper Weissburg (SFS ’17)

“Top five …”

Top 5 Reasons Why Pickles Surpass Cucumbers:
1. Pickles have personality: they can be salty or sweet.
2. “Pickle” can be used as an adjective, verb or noun.
3. You can “be in a pickle,” but you can’t “be in a cucumber” (technically speaking you could … but that would be strange).
4. Pickling can be done to any food item by soaking it in vinegar; thus, cucumbers are not unique to this process.
5. In 2001, New York City began hosting an annual Pickle Day celebration! However, there is no “Cucumber Day,” and for good reason.


Courtney Klein (SFS ’16)

What is an invention that every Georgetown student needs? 

I believe that there is one app that every Georgetown student needs: the coffee line app. This app tells how long the line is at every coffee shop on campus and what items they have in stock. The coffee line challenge has happened to me time and time again: I get out of a Spanish class on the second floor of ICC and have a major coffee craving. With only 10 minutes until my Econ lecture, I run to MUG, praying there will be no line. And of course, there is a massive line. There always seems to be a line. I always debate waiting but I have no way to tell how long it will take so I give up. I go to class coffee-less, pay no attention and get no work done. I believe that an app like this would allow students to better allocate their time and money. My app will revolutionize the time between classes and keep all Georgetown students happy and coffee-filled!

marnieMarnie Wallach (NHS ’16)

“Top five …”

Top 5 Worst Places to Sneeze:
1. As you walk into a job interview, pre-handshake.
2. While doing the lady-and-the-tramp noodle sharing.
3. After hearing the words, “You may now kiss the bride.”
4. When giving your final answer for the final question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Bless you, but time’s up.
5. When you’re hiding out in someone’s closet because you really want to be friends with her.


Griffin Greco (COL ’16)

What is an invention that every Georgetown student needs?

The (yet) unrealistic invention that every Georgetown student needs is something that will instantaneously remove the Leo’s smell after eating. Showering doesn’t count. Nor does deodorant. Ideally, it would be some sort of TSA screening device that you could just walk through as you exit Leo’s and come out smelling fresh.



Emma Holland (COL ’17)emma

“Top five …”

Top 5 Desserts at Leo’s:
1. No question; the sugar cookies. They taste like they’re half-butter!
2. The blondies.
3. This one requires some effort: take two of the sugar cookies, scoop strawberry ice cream onto one of them and make a sandwich. It’s ridiculous.
4. A second helping of mashed potatoes and meatloaf.
5. Chocolate pudding cups.
*Side note: I wish they served pie.


Francisca Johanek (COL ’17)

Every Georgetown student knows the abundance of food we have at our disposal, from the several options at Leo’s to the restaurants in town. However, sometimes these options can be more daunting than exciting. You walk into Leo’s, navigate the several bread options, the new hot sandwich special, the cheese options, etc. You decide you will be virtuous and that all you want is a spinach, ham and Swiss cheese sandwich on whole grain. Each component is critical. Happily decisive, you begin assembling it all on your plate. But you get to the last food bin, and it is empty! Sticking with the ever-growing app fascination, I propose an app where students could search what they wanted and see if the options were available, how much was left and where to go. Think ink print cartridges on your printer; you click on the food bin app and instantly find how much ham, Swiss and spinach are left. Is Leo’s white bread stock high or low? Is that bread available at Epicurean? Once the stats majors enhance it, the app can add the probability of your sandwich being possible once your place in line is reached.


Matt Sullivan (COL ’16)

“Top five …”

Top 5 Favorite Quotes From The Proud Family:

1. “TRUDAY!!!!”
2. “PENNAY!!!”
3. “STICKAY!!!!”
4. “DIJONAYYY!!!!!”
5. “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need to water let it burn, BURN, BURRRRRRN! *moonwalks away*”

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