Making the Most of Parents Weekend

It’s finally here. The weekend we all love yet hate. It may all seem great – eager parents wanting to spoil you, a free meal at a place other than Leo’s, time with the family. But, in reality, this weekend is an opportunity, provided by Georgetown, for parents to see if we really have our lives together without their constant, overbearing supervision. Don’t worry though. If you stick to the following guidelines, you’ll be able to survive parents weekend without a hitch.

Go to Dinner on M Street: If you’re like me, you have been desperately trying to avoid Leo’s for weeks and have gone broke at Epicurean and Vital Vittles. Finally, the parents are here to pay! I recommend that you make reservations in advance because every other student at Georgetown probably wants to go to the same place as you do. Some great family restaurants are Thunder Burger and Clyde’s.

Take Your Family on a Tour of D.C.: There are a lot of activities available for students and their parents on campus, but my parents’ favorite part of last year’s Parents Weekend was when we walked along the waterfront to the monuments. Your parents want to see that you have taken advantage of the all that the city has to offer so go out and explore with them!

Pretend You Actually Clean Your Room: Schedule a cleaning party with your roommate before your mom comes to campus and freaks out about the state of your room. Or maybe wait till she gets here so that she can do it for you. Hide all prohibited items so that you don’t have to come up with a quick explanation for how these items mysteriously appeared in your room.

Make Smart Decisions: The last thing that you want to do is wake up on Saturday morning with the worst hangover of your life and a full day of family events planned. You only have a limited amount of time with your family so make sure to get the rest needed in order to make the most out of this weekend with them.

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