Maine: Your Official 4E Summer Bucket List

Banner - Maine GuideMaine. No it’s not Canada, Vermont, nor part of Massachusetts (at least not anymore). Maine, otherwise known as “Vacationland”, is a beautiful sanctuary tucked away at the northeastern tip of the continental United States. It has the honor of being the first in the nation to see the sun rise each morning. Maine, while most famous for its lobster and great outdoors, is far more than seafood and pine trees. And you should totally visit! Here’s your summer bucket list to experience Maine like a true Mainer:


1) Fly into PWM. Beautiful incoming views of Portland upon arrival to PWM’s one quaint terminal: the perfect first impression of our cozy state. There are even rocking chairs!

2) Visit the Old Port. Whether you’re of age and looking to bar hop, a foodie looking for an authentic Maine meal, or human being who likes to wander, the Old Port has something for everyone. It’s small (like Maine as a whole), but ripe with window shopping, local art, and plenty of good eats.

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3) Take a walk around MacWorth Island. No more than a ten minute drive from the Old Port, MacWorth Island is the perfect mini-hike to take in the Maine fresh air. You can drive out to the island and walk its perimeter in less than an hour, or relax on some of its benches or beaches that look out on Casco Bay. Plus, it’s dog friendly!

4) Take a picture on the Bean Boot. We won’t judge, L.L. Bean might (so just be careful not to cause yourself or the property harm in the process!). Freeport, Maine is home to L.L. Bean’s flagship store and the only thing more trendy than Bean Boots is a giant Bean Boot!


5) Shop at the Freeport Outlets. Deals. Variety. Shopping. What more could you want?

6) Have a beach day at Old Orchard Beach. Not only is there a pier with a vast array of fries and pizza, but also there is a small amusement park and a day’s worth of people watching to be done all while getting your swim and tan on.

7) Visit five islands for a dinner on the ocean. There will be ice cream, lobster, and burgers galore.


8) Shop at Reny’s, Marden’s, or Big Al’s. You have to.


*observe the Maine accent*

9) Go to a Sea Dog’s Game. Two words: Baseball pants Pop & Corn.

10) Eat a Sam’s Italian. No we’re not sure if anything about these subs is Italian, but they are undoubtedly yummy.

11) Get a lobster roll at a Lobster Shack. Authentic.


12) Go ATVing. No you don’t have to wear camo, nor adopt a Mainer accent, or say “wicked” to see Maine from the seat of a dirt bike or four-wheeler.

13) Hike Mt. Katahdin. It’s the last stop on the Appalachian trail and the tallest peak in the state! On a nice day you can climb Knife’s Edge if you’re feeling brave, looking for an incredible view, and want to add crawling across the edge of a mountain to your two truths and a lie stash.

14) Go kayaking. If you fall out, you won’t have to worry about contracting a nasty disease from polluted waters; you can swim instead of scram!

15) Find a rope swing or a quarry to jump off of. But be safe, responsible, and cautious when using.


16) Walk Portland’s East End trail. You could hop on the Polar Express, see a cruise ship, stop at the beach, and buy some street art all in under an hour!

17) Fielder’s Choice. How does it go?: “I scream for ice cream, you scream for ice cream, we all scream for ice cream!”

18) Visit a county fair. Join in on a pig race where you can literally chase down a piglet and take it home if you are able to catch it!

19) Take a stroll down Main Streets. Pick a town, search Main Street on Google Maps, and take a little walk through historic small town.

20) Attend the Balloon Festival. Every late August you can visit Lewiston or Auburn for the Great Falls Balloon Festival. Whether you’re riding in a hot air balloon or watching them above from a blanket below, it’s a spectacle to behold.

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21) Go camping. You have to pee in the woods at least once in your life.

22) Drink some Moxie. Or at least, try it. Like coffee, it’s an acquired taste.


23) Watch a Drive-in Movie. Bring blankets and have an evening straight off of pinterest.

24) Get breakfast at a small town diner. 100% guaranteed: it will be good.

25) Spot a moose. Or a Bush at their family estate in southern Maine.


26) Shop at Mexicali Blues. Why travel to a foreign country to collect trinkets and tapestries when you can go to Maine and get them all in one spot?

27) Go yard sale-ing. No guarantees you’ll find anything, but it is sure to be an educational and informative Maine experience.

28) Pick blueberries. In the Blueberry Capital of the world.

29) Go disc-golfing. We hear it’s trending, and Maine has plenty of wooded courses.

30) See a Concert on the Bangor Waterfront. 90% chance it will be country (however, this is not a factual statistic).

31) Eat a Whoopie Pie. 


32) Visit Fort Popham (and it’s beach). Go for the history, stay for the waves. You can even walk out to an offshore island when the tide is out!

33) Drive. Anywhere and everywhere, pump up the jams, roll down the windows and get lost on the back roads and explore Maine’s beauty.

34) Have a campfire with friends. Make some S’mores. Sing some songs. Play some cards.

35) Visit Acadia National Park. A trip to Maine is not complete without a visit to Bar Harbor (pronounced Bah Hah-bah by a Mainer). Not only is it beautiful, but you can’t say you’ve ever really been a tourist in Maine until you’ve seen the sun rise on Cadillac Mountain (no worries, we know at this point you’re probably tired of walking, here you can drive up!).

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There you have it! A perfect 4E guide on all things Maine from a true ‘Mainer’.  Enjoy kids.


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