Luddat Halftime Show

bruno-mars-2014I have always been a halftime girl. I have fairly recently gained an appreciation for football because of stunts like this and this. But from the beginning, I always believed the best parts of the game were the halftime show and the food (my friends and I ordered 100 wings from Wingos today).

Of course, this year I wasn’t expecting much because Bruno Mars, even with the help of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, is not Beyoncé. Unfortunately, the game was the most boring thing I have ever watched (sorry, Peyton) so I was ready for whatever Bruno had in store.

So here is my take of the much-needed halftime show:

1. He shouldn’t have started with such dramatic music before he began. This isn’t “Game of Thrones,” Bruno, settle down.

2. I was a bit disturbed by the children holding hands in front of the American flag singing, “I want to be a billionaire.” Do I have to explain why that was weird? But I did appreciate the drum solo. It looked like he was working really hard, so keep it up, buddy.

3. I respected the fact that it sounded semi-live and the fact that Bruno and his crew always look suave but I couldn’t help but wonder if the doo wop boy band act could handle the stadium setting. Then the body rolls began and all doubt went down the drain.

4. I fell in love with Bruno all over again with “Treasure.” The black silhouettes of Bruno and his bandmates against a white back drop were cray. Then Bruno did a split and I died.

5. Things got weird with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That’s all I have to say.

6. But then there was a really sweet homage to American soldiers separated from their families. I’m not sure exactly where or how that fit into the halftime show, or if it is appropriate in the midst of the biggest display of American consumerism all year, but I have to say I can’t help but love hearing a mother telling her kids that she loves them when she is fighting for her country far away from home.

All in all, I actually loved the halftime show and it reminded me that I do really enjoy Bruno Mars even though his songs are overplayed. I wish he would have performed “The Lazy Song” though it seems like the antithesis of a Super Bowl pump-up song. But what can pump up Americans who just ate their weight in guac and buffalo wings?


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