Leavey 421: Best of the Wall

by Michelle Cassidy

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Getting the paper printed isn’t an easy job, and it takes lots of coordination to reach our printer’s deadline. This often means that Hoya staffers are camped out in our office  until the wee hours of the morning. When you start to spend an excessive amount of time with the same group of people, you start to hear some weird things. It’s tradition in our office that particularly memorable moments are recorded and posted up on the wall (some quotes have been up for more than 10 years!). We’ve uploaded a few of our favorites, but if you want to see the rest you’re just going to have to come visit.

Leavey 421 is a recurring series that goes behind the scenes of The Hoya to bring you the most interesting, exciting and peculiar bits of the lives of Hoya staffers. If you want to learn more about joining The Hoya, please contact us.

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