Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Costume IdeasLess than two weeks until Halloween. Have you started thinking about your costume yet? Well you better have. How else are you going to compete with the Halloween gurus who have had this year’s costume planned since last year, have mapped out the best trick-or-treating route, have the scariest decorations and are basically guaranteed to have the best Thursday night of their lives?

For those of you still in a costume limbo, here are a few stellar, sure-to-be-hits costume ideas you might want to consider.

J.J. As a goodbye tribute to the mascot that could have been, someone has to dress up as J.J. this year. It doesn’t take much – furry ears, a zest for life and a golf cart should do the trick. Don’t forget an entourage of orange balloons to sporadically attack throughout the night. It adds to the costume and is just fun.

Teddy Bear And by teddy bear, I mean a Miley Cyrus inspired twerktastic teddy bear. They are available for sale all over the internet but if you are feeling crafty, get a leotard and some markers and have a DIY party night. If you’ve got a motivated friend, have them go as a wrecking ball. Costume perks? You can hitch a ride on the wreck and roll all the way home.

Grumpy Slutty Cat A twist on the ‘classic’ slutty cat. Same ear headband, same little black ensemble, same face paint. But you better keep that frown turned down all night long for some visual grumpy. Not a costume for the fainthearted or the nervous laughers. Don’t forget the built-in game; who can make the best grumpy face? Alternatively you could ditch the grumpy look and go as a Tartar Sauce cat, in honor of Grumpy Cat’s birth name.

Candy Crush This is the costume for the creative types out there. There are so many different ways to play this. Will you be the board of a particularly hard level? The magic disco ball that has saved the day oh so many times? Or another candy combo of your choice? Feel free to take out your game frustration because, let’s be honest, we are all pretty frustrated with candy crush. Too bad I can never stop.

Beyoncé Because Beyoncé makes all of my top lists of everything, ever. Back in the Destiny days, Tina Knowles actually hand-made almost all of the group’s outfits and, honestly, she set the bar pretty freaking high. I dare you to even attempt to replicate any of the insta-classics. My personal favorite is circa 1998, silver paisley fabric with a lavender trim. Try and top that.

Photos: Halloween Express, Ghosts of DC

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