Lamborghini Batman Rising

So apparently there is a man who owns a Lamborghini, wears a Batman suit and travels around to hospitals to visit sick children. Admirable, albeit just a little bit unconventional.

This fellow, who’s being dubbed ‘Lamborghini Batman’, paid a visit to Georgetown University last week.

The media took notice when he was pulled over on Route 29. Just today, the heroic masked crusader took to a live chat for The Washington Post just this afternoon and it revealed a few secrets, such as his identity, where he got the suit and why he does what he does.

“The real Super Heroes are the children in the hospital,” Lamborghini Batman said. “They are fighting every day for the their lives.I try to make a difference but they are the super heroes.”

Check out the full conversation here. And more about his mission in a full article here.

Any Hoyas out there who ran into Batman, give us a holler. Or flash the bat symbol into the sky, whatever works for you.

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