John B. Carroll: Great Expectations

John B. Carroll Great ExpectationsWhen John B. Carroll arrived on campus the excitement was palpable. The new big man on the Hilltop immediately had us wrapped around his little paw. He was breathtakingly adorable and he stole our hearts with his caramel-frapaccino-vanilla-whipped-cream colors. He even had bodyguards who whisked him around as every Georgetown student with an iPhone became his paparazzo for the day. I only caught a glimpse of him as he zoomed by, chauffeured in his own golf cart.

It’s safe to say John B. Carroll – a.k.a. the new Jack – has reached celeb status.

Despite all the hype over the newbie, we still love our old favorites, Jack and J.J., and we remember fondly how they used to tear up boxes and pounce on balloons of the opposition’s colors. But now Jack is getting to be an old codger and it’s time for our young whippersnapper to prove himself by showing off his own talents during the quickly approaching basketball season. 4E has pretty high expectations for what this might entail:

First, we hope he’s got hops. I can just imagine the action shots of new Jack’s ears fluttering in the wind as he jumps for a frisbee.

Next, we think it’d be awesome if a Georgetown student dressed as a matador and got our new Jack to rush through a big red sheet. Get it, BULL-dog? We think he’d be great at it. Plus we’d like to see a Georgetown student dressed as a matador.

In some of the the pictures we posted, our new Jack was playing with a big stuffed bulldog and ripping up some grass. We like a dog that’s got a little fight in him! John could continue the box-ripping tradition, but maybe he could fight a stuffed animal of one of the other Big East mascots? Aggressive, I know, but that would totally psych-out the opponent and, after all, we play to win the game.

For that matter, we could just send John after a few of the opposing teams’ players like Georgia did a few years ago. We also hope that John’s woof is loud and proud so he can take part in some of our cheers.

Finally, this one’s a long shot, but can you imagine a Jawani Bulldog? That’s probably not likely, but Jack’s bound to have some awesome talents – I can feel it.

Just one more thing: Does anyone else feel like it’s difficult to distinguish between our old and new Jacks? I say we start working on nicknames now. If the plethora of acronyms on campus are any indication, new Jack will soon be known as JBC or just JC … which I am so down for because that’s just another excuse to sing “Who’s in the house? JC!” Or instead, we could call him John, Johnny, Baby Jack, or Jack Jr. But my hands down favorite is Jack Jack Attack. And if John B. Carroll has any of Jack Jack’s talent then we won’t have to worry about intimidating our opponent.

We’re excited to see what you do as our mascot, Jack!

Photo: Daniel Smith/The Hoya

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