It’s “yaD sdrawkcaB” at Leo’s

by Martin Hussey

Just one of many Leo’s lunchtime celebrations to come this semester — National Backwards Day — is currently going on at Leo’s. Personally, I was expecting to be totally confused when I walked in, with the pasta line in the normal location of the stir-fry line, and vice versa. But all I found was a cake with “NWOTEGROEG” written on it, some mixed up name tags (Kim the pasta chef was wearing the name Diane), and some pretty tasty meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato frosting.

But, I always love it when Leo’s spices it up for a little bit of fun in the middle of a dull day of classes. I say, head to Leo’s for Backwards Day and try to find some backwards things that I couldn’t. Enjoy some meatloaf cupcakes or a smoothie at Stacey’s Spot.

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