Is Tuscany Reopening?

tuscany back

Ha. Good one. We wish. But now that you’re here, you might as well read up on the place that is now inhabiting the prime real estate Tuscany Cafe once held.

Nearly a year later, those of us who remember its glory still mourn the loss of Tuscany. Once hailed as a comforting haven for drunken Hoyas craving cheap pizza at 2 a.m., Tuscany quietly shut down in the summer of 2013. No one can really be sure of the reasons why it closed and never reopened, but one thing we can be certain of is that it is never coming back: A new owner has finally claimed the space that Tuscany left behind.

Lady Camellia is a pastry and tea shop that actually opened a few weeks ago, but only recently began serving tea. They offer an impressive array of baked goods, ranging from tea cakes to croissants to macarons. The decorations for the place are overwhelmingly pink and gold, reminiscent of what the Washington City Paper calls “a six-year old’s tea party fantasy.”

Do you remember when this was a place filled with ravenous students ordering pizza they weren’t ever going to remember eating?

With its prime location, Lady Camellia is poised to become the next hottest brunch spot. And with tea and scones? It doesn’t get much classier than that. So instead of heading down to 3261 Prospect at night for delicious, savory, unhealthy pizza, you now have the option of heading there in the morning and enjoying an extravagant brunch. You can always get your obligatory drunken pizza at the food truck.

Photo: Washington City Paper; Alexander Brown for The Hoya

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