How to Kill the Halloween Group Costume

Group Costumes

Halloween is nearly upon us! Maybe you want to shine with an individual costume, but we hope you’re looking to get together a killer group costume. You might not have creativity or individuality, but somehow you’ve tricked some people into being your friends. So let’s try a group costume. 4E has some time-tested and approved ideas that can take your Halloween to the next level.

Crayola crayons

The free spirits out there can take this to the next level: Go completely naked. Paint your entire body a single color. Use black paint to spell out Crayola. Extra points if you make a construction cone or an ice cream cone into a pointy colored hat.

For a conservative twist: Cut out the letters in “Crayola” and strategically place them to protect your “dignity.”

An assortment of beer brands
Use the box of a depleted six- or 30-pack to make all of your clothing and accessories. This includes tube top, shorts, top hats, chain necklaces and mustaches.

The many sides of Taylor Swift

For ladies: Each of you dresses as the Taylor who’s most like you from your favorite song’s music video. Not saying T-Swizzle is moody, but you’re guaranteed to all look completely different.

For men: If you have a large enough friend group, you can dress up as the men Taylor Swift has dumped and call yourselves “the lucky many.”

A hoard of basic betches
You could wear the uniform of the basics (leggings, Victoria’s Secret hoodie, Uggs) or you could get creative and dress up as the actual basic objects: an Ugg boot, a frappachino with skim milk, etc. For inspiration, look at any girl’s Instagram account.

The Seven Deadly Sins
For these it might be easier to just wear a sign with your sin written on it and then adopt a few behavior rules.

Lust: The typical conduct of males at house parties will suffice.

Gluttony: Over-indulge yourself at a party by over-consuming all the beverages and snacks (bring your own snacks) in sight.

Greed: Take things from people/places throughout the night. Never return them.

Sloth: You could dress up like an actual sloth (maybe use a snuggie or a fuzzy blanket?) or dress like a slob and be really lazy all night.

Wrath: Get so drunk that you yell at random people for no reason.

Envy: Wear all green. Drink only green things. You are green with envy.

Pride: Talk about being a Hoya (or a Corpie!) constantly.

There you have it, five of the best group Halloween costumes for 2014. And if you don’t have enough friends to properly execute a group costume, we suggest looking on Tinder, Grindr or Cuddlr. Make sure to include in your bio that you’re a “lone trick-or-treater looking for a costume buddy” and you’ll for sure get a ton of responses.


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