How to Enjoy Georgetown Day, Regardless

The traditional celebration of the last Friday of classes will undoubtedly be a little different this year. But don’t let a few metal barricades security checkpoints get you down – after all, we still have a dunk tank! Here are a few ways to make sure your Georgetown Day is a great one, bag checks be damned.

Explore Sure, in past years the day has been centered around Healy and Copley lawns. Just because there are fences on Copley doesn’t mean there’s no fun, Copley will host tons of activities and performances, so don’t avoid it. And yeah, there’s only water to drink, but staying hydrated is important when you’re day drinking. But you don’t have to be on the lawn all day; the Esplanade is now an alternative, and there are plenty of other spots around campus to hang out.

Pace yourself It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Most people start early, and if you don’t want your night to end before the sun goes down, you should reconsider that 8 a.m. power hour.

Bring a snack Yo, snacks are great. Before you venture outside, stick a couple granola bars or an apple in your fanny pack (also, acquire a fanny pack). You’re going to high five yourself for your foresight in a few hours when everyone else is waiting in a super long line for hamburgers.

Be kind to DPS They’re not out to get you, and as long as you’re not actively trying to break laws they’re generally pretty cool. Maybe offer them some of your snacks?

Two words: disposable camera A critical element of your Georgetown Day memories. Disposable cameras are cheap, drunkproof and what hipsters use instead of Instagram. Just stick a note with your name and number on it for when you inevitably leave the camera on Healy Lawn – once you get the pictures developed you’ll get to relive the day all over again.

Nap and rally We really did learn everything we need to know in Kindergarten (see: snacks). A late afternoon siesta is critical to your ability to continue the party when the sun sets.

Don’t forget your jorts Georgetown Day happens to fall on another local holiday, known as Jortstown Day. Tomorrow will be sunny and in the 60s, so it might be a little chilly for jorts, but I know you can find the strength.

Stay classy, Georgetown A lot of the reasoning behind the changes to to the festivities has stemmed from decidedly un-classy behavior on past Georgetown Days. In the hopes that someday this celebration can be restored to its former glory, make sure you’re partying smart. Nobody wants to be that kid getting GERMSed in a 10 a.m. recitation.

Photo: Georgetown University
Anne Kenslea (COL ’13) contributed to this post.

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