How To Be A Georgetown Rebel

Banner - Georgetown RebelIt’s that liberating feeling you get when you microwave the bowl that you know says “do not microwave.” It’s the surge of energy that shimmers down your spine as you turn the knob of Lau 6 and enter the rooftop. It’s the the fact that you’re not interning on the Hill, applying to be a tour guide, a barista, a consultant, a bank teller… that you’re majoring in the social sciences and spending your free time people watching and loving every second of your meal at Leo’s.

It’s all of these reasons and more that signify your status as a Georgetown rebel.
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Were you one of those middle schoolers too busy trying to keep up with the latest trends that you never got the chance to feel the liberation of being the eccentric kid that defies the normal conventions? Were you that kid then, but since coming to Georgetown, have become too normal now and are looking to revert back to your quirky ways?! Well, we’re here to help!

1) Don’t have a Tombs night on your 21st birthday, have an Epi night instead.

Rumor has it they have a disco ball, rocking playlist and speaker system, and good pizza, too!

2) Stop using Bumble and Tinder and start announcing what you’re looking for at the beginning of each class.Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.06.18 PM

Do it I triple-dog-dare you- your professor will probably know just the gal/guy!

3) Sleep 10 hours each night.

Because who on earth wants to hear about the all-nighter you pulled?

4) Join no clubs.

You may then remember to do that thing called ~breathing~.

5) Aspire to be be a scuba-diver, own a popsicle stand or be a background dancer… anything that doesn’t involve the words consulting or finance.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to bartend in Australia, couch surf at Grandma’s house or explore the arts?

6) Be a senior with a meal plan living in Southwest Quad because you want to.


Freshman will aspire to be you.

7) Don’t set mouse traps. Instead, keep the rats as your furry friends!


Every apartment needs a mascot, right?

Alas, complete all 7 steps and you’ve officially made it past the Georgetown norms and into the final stages of Georgetown rebellion! Welcome!


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