Housing at a Glance: Summer Living

by Martin Hussey

For the past few Thursdays, 4E has profiled different aspects of the housing process at Georgetown for our freshmen readers who are about to go through the process for the first time. This week, though, we are doing something slightly different.

Just as everyone is researching, interviewing, and applying for summer employment, we also need to find housing (to avoid the awkward and unfortunate possibility of being homeless in D.C. while working at a prestigious law firm, NGO, corporation or government agency).

Fortunately for us, the summer housing process is less complicated than either the academic housing process or the summer internship search process, and there are plenty of avenues that one can find housing on the Hilltop over the summer months. First, find some employment that offers summer housing for free. Work at any campus organization, like the housing office, often comes with the perk of free summer housing.

For those either too busy or too late to find free summer housing though an office on campus, Georgetown’s housing office does offer housing over the summer at on-campus residences. Applications for summer housing will begin February 21 from Georgetown’s summer housing website. A full list of on-campus housing rates over the summer can be found here.

If you don’t feel like living in university housing, there are also plenty of off-campus houses looking for summer sublets. Do a little facebook browsing (people often make events with the location, rent, etc.), or ask some upperclassmen friends. They’ll have a good idea about people looking for subletters and you’ll have the added benefit of living with people you already know.

And for anyone staying over the summer, be aware of non-Georgetown students and groups of high schoolers that flock to the Hilltop over the summer. D.C. is a popular summer destination for many people our age who don’t have the privilege of living here during the school year.

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