Hot Spots to Cool Off: Down Dog Yoga

It’s 104 degrees outside. Sweat starts to drip down your forehead like 2 seconds after you walk outside. And so, D.C. (and indeed the entire mid-Atlantic) are looking for some relief from the heat. And so all of the usual hot spots to cool off (your fro-yo shops and fancy milkshake restaurants) are probably all going to be packed. So why not cool off with some hot yoga?

Yeah, I know, it may seem counterintuitive to go to hot yoga on a day when you could do hot yoga outside (and you’d probably sweat more there). It’s not. Hot yoga is a great way to cool off on a hot day like today. Why?? Sweat. Sure, it might be unbearable to walk from the heat into… well, more heat. At first. But then, you change your perspective (as only yoga makes you do). Trust us, the best way to cool off on this hottest of summer days is to sweat it all out, get some energy flowing and do some ujjayi breathing.

Down Dog Yoga is the Georgetown yoga hotspot. It’s typical Georgetown, also. Hot girls in yoga pants with iPhones and bros looking to workout their core (along with some way-to-healthy D.C. businesspeople) converge on the small studio at Potomac and the Canal to practice yoga and sweat.

If you’ve never done yoga before, today’s your day. Every Friday, the Georgetown yoga studio has a free community class at 4 p.m. If not, classes are $12 for a drop-in (or you can start your free week of yoga for unlimited yoga for the next week). After your class, run over to the plethora of fro-yo shops or run down to the waterfront to douse yourself in that fountain. Note: Stay hydrated. You lose a lot of water in the heat and humidity. And even more in yoga.

And stay tuned for more hot spots this weekend: There is supposed to be record breaking heat until at least Sunday.

Down Dog Yoga
1046 Potomac St. NW
Washington, DC
10 minute walk from campus

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