Halloween Pranks Every Hoya Should Pull

4E's Top Halloween Pranks

If any of you were as mischievous of a child as I was, you spent playtime devising new and (hopefully) innovative ways to wreak havoc on your parents, teachers and peers. That’s right – I’m talking about the good ol’ prank. For those of you looking to tap into your inner devil child or to just have a good laugh, check out these semi-harmless pranks.

DISCLAIMER: Although this list is in the spirit of the hottest holiday of the season, it should not be tested on the weak-hearted and/or unforgiving. Trust me. 4E will not bail you out.

Gummy Eyes Buy gummy eyeballs from any Halloween candy supplier. Put them in an ice tray filled with water, then pop those suckers in the freezer and wait. You can pass the time by imagining the face of the person you are pranking or by reading old 4E articles. When they are frozen, take them out and pop them in the prankee’s water bottle and … AHH! There’s an eye in my water bottle! Make sure you are present with a video camera for the moment of discovery so you can treasure it for years to come.

A Not-So-Sweet Surprise Go to the Asian specialty market and buy one of the pint-sized tubs of wasabi. Freeze it up, scoop it out and offer it to a friend as green tea ice cream. Enjoy the mouth-burning reaction of horror that ensues.

Zombie Attack Just to warn you, this requires group planning, i.e. mass communication and effort. Don’t attempt unless you are up for it. Get a group of like-minded friends and pick a time post-sunset and a well-hidden but populated location. Everyone show up dressed like a zombie (blood stains, fangs, face paint – this image should be easy to conjure) and hide. Wait for people to show up, and then jump out of your hiding places screaming and thirsty for blood. Ah, nothing like some zombie loving.

If The Shoe Fits… Steal the left shoe from every pair of shoes your roommate owns and hide them well. Or, if you’re feeling particularly devious, hide them in plain sight, but in difficult to reach places (insert your own creative spin here).

Shaving Cream In honor of the world’s best movie prank scene (the one from the Parent Trap if you couldn’t immediately pull it up in your mind), here’s the shaving cream attack. Wait until your friend is asleep and cover them, their hair, their clothes and their dignity with shaving cream. For best results, pick a heavy sleeper. If you think this is too easy, watch the Parent Trap cabin scene and booby trap the shizzle out of the person’s bedroom (maybe don’t pick your roommate because that would adversely affect you as well). But be warned, and be on the lookout for retaliation prank attacks!

Mentos Finally, drop a Mento in your unsuspecting friend’s Diet Coke and then run away. Or wear a rain poncho and stick around for the show.

Keep pranking, keep dancing and have a happy Halloween, Hoyas!

Photo: Favim

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