Hail to the Dad Bod


4E loves sports. Georgetown sports especially. Do you know what else we like? Promotions and free things.

Thank God Georgetown athletics is finally hearing our pleas and incorporating these two things into one. Who could forget the kale basketball game last year?

Well this year, men’s soccer is getting into the promotional game. The team has deemed one of their first games of the season the “Dad Bod” game, giving free entry to all dads along with calisthenics classes, corney dad joke contests and much, much more.

In light of this, 4E has some future promotional ideas for @georgetownhoyas:

1. Basic Bitch Day. Including a Starbucks pregame, a guac taste testing competition and free yoga passes. #namastebitches


2. Hail to Hale. Why should kale be the only thing we bow down to here at the Hilltop?! Why not celebrate with a hale fight and a best hale-man contest?

3. I Love My Internship Day. Georgetown students are sooo smart and accomplished, why not give us a way to brag about our accomplishments while also cheering on our favorite teams?


4. Power Hour Day. Everyone loves a good power hour, why not make a “power game”? The day would include all the beer you could imbibe and competitions that become progressively harder over the course of the game. The fan who gets kicked out first for being too loud wins a free ticket to all future games! This actually sounds like a pretty awesome day to me.

Please answer our prayers Georgetown Athletics!

Photos/Gifs: tumblr.com; https://modajovemmasculina.com/; giphy.com

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