GUSA Vice-Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Wednesday night? Nothing to do? We here at The Fourth Edition would like to spice up the night (for those of you who are 21 or over) by offering up a drinking game to play during the GUSA VP debate! Hurry up and get yourself a 30 rack from Towne, curl up on the couch with your laptop and enjoy the show (we think it’s viewable here, but we aren’t actually sure). Rules after the jump.

DRINK ONCE if someone mentions:
– SAFE reform
– Diversity
– Transparency
– Experience
– Conversation
– “You”
– Student Life Report
– Student Advocacy Office
– Student Code of Conduct Reform
– SAC Fair

– Someone praises Mike Meaney and/or Greg Laverriere
– Lauren Weber mentions Missouri
– Greg Laverriere tweets about the debate
– An awkward silence occurs
– Someone addresses a candidate by his or her GUSA title (“Vice Chair Walsh”, etc.)
– A candidate works his or her campaign slogan into an answer
– Markel Starks shows up to the debate

– A candidate requests a bathroom break
– A candidate’s phone goes off

BONUS POINTS (if you really, really don’t want to go to class tomorrow):
– Drink for every candidate wearing a campaign pin

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  1. Hahaha I love this. It is a good thing I was not in attendance for the debate the whole time because everyone playing this game would be blackout with all my tweets.

  2. Edit To Previous Post: Change “I was not in attendance for the game” to “I was not in attendance for the debate the whole time”

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