Guide Grooves: Ben Folds Five and G.O.O.D Music

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This week’s Guide Grooves focuses in on the two new albums and three singles reviewed in last Friday’s issue of The Guide. The Sound of the Life of the Mind marks the ‘return’ of Ben Folds Five… or an attempt at a ‘return’, while Kanye West’s label, G.O.O.D. Music released Cruel Summer, a masterful compilation of some of the hip-hop industry’s most popular artists. And just to keep things more random, you will find a nice eclectic scattering of the Killers, some angry punk music and ska to compliment the already stark contrast between the two new albums of the week.

Erase Me — Ben Folds Five A dramatic opening of a song for a dramatic opening of an album. The beginning sounds like the Ben Folds Five I used to know but it soon progresses to what I imagine it’d sound like if Ben Folds covered a Panic at the Disco song…

Thank You for Breaking my Heart — Ben Folds Five Classic Ben Folds with the moving piano line, half-spoken half-sung lyrics, complete with dramatic pauses. J’aime bien.

Draw a Crowd — Ben Folds Five Opens with a fun and driving piano line and proceeds to some forcibly quirky lyrics. Absolutely a catchy song, but a little peculiar at a closer listen.

To the World — Kanye West ft R. Kelly Well it’s certainly no “Trapped in the Closet Chapter 2” but R. Kelly and Kanye put together what is sure to become the new anthem of dance parties across college campuses sometime soon. Needless to say, there will soon be a lot of middle fingers in the air.

Creepers — Kid Cudi It’s great to hear Cudi rapping again. “I’m just doing my thang, if you know what I mean”. Yes Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, I do know what you mean. I do.

Runaways — The Killers Oh goodness how I love The Killers. Great thriving beat, cannot wait to get home to my car so I can pop this on a playlist between a couple Springsteen songs and play it while driving around with my friends.

Push and Shove — No Doubt Mm…sorry Gwen, there’s a little doubt. This sounds like 4-5 songs in one very eclectic mix, doesn’t quite do it for me.

Secret Society — Title Fight Keep in mind that the girl reviewing this recently cried after hearing Mumford and Son’s ‘Reminder’: This was not exactly… my particular cup of tea. It was a very angry cup of tea.

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