GUGS Is Getting Coal For Christmas…

GUGS Charcoal…and it wasn’t because it was naughty. In fact, the Georgetown University Grilling Society (GUGS) received a year’s supply of Kingsford Charcoal and Walmart gift cards not because it was bad at all, but rather because the District of Columbia was nice.

A Unique Partnership 
It all began with a Kingsford giveaway partnership with Marketwired, a monitoring and analytic company that works with content and distribution of social media.

Kingsford used a complex process, powered by Marketwired’s Sysomos, to sort through more than 236 million tweets in the United States, all in hopes of finding the “nicest” city in America. The winning location would receive a prize from Kingsford.

After analyzing the nation’s tweets, taking special note of “please,” “thank you” and “thanks,” Kingsford and Marketwired found that the nicest city in the U.S. – or the nicest tweeting city, at least – was Washington, D.C.

A Hilltop Surprise4105903518
On behalf of the District’s kindheartedness, Kingsford decided to give away a year’s supply of charcoal and Walmart gift cards to GUGS.

Kingsford representative and Georgetown alum Drew McGowan (B ’95) said the grilling group was selected to receive the prize because, aside from being nice, its philosophy embodied Kingsford’s core value: bringing people together through grilling.

“GUGS embodies that sentiment. With basketball season underway, we’re excited to help this great organization continue tailgating through the cold winter months and into the spring,” McGowan said.

Fire Up The Grills!
GUGS outgoing president Ellen Grein (MSB ’14) said the club was delighted to receive the Kingsford gift, especially given the group’s need for charcoal.

“It’s huge for us. Charcoal is one of our largest expenses, so it’ll enable us to better manage our finances as an organization,” Grein said.

In addition, Grein explained that the charcoal donation would allow the grilling group to raise more money for the numerous charitable organizations it supports.

Grein revealed the club had been pursuing a partnership with Kingsford for several years and that she was excited to see the two grilling groups finally come together for the holiday season.

“We love grilling … and this is what we do. This is the best Christmas gift GUGS could ever receive,” Grein said.

Photo: Chris Yedibalian via The Hoya,

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