gobuckwildgugernautNow that Georgetown Day has come to an end, you’re probably ramping up for Guggernaut tonight. Okay, maybe you’re still in that head-pounding, ears-ringing phase, but you’ll rally when it counts. So some of you are probably wondering what Guggernaut even is. It took me a whole year to find out that it was GUGernaut and not JUGernaut; I know, I’m not the brightest of the bunch. But even if you were intelligent enough to understand that it’s a party related to GUGS, that still doesn’t explain the meaning of the word. So, here are a few guesses from yours truly.

1.  Guggernaut: German noun meaning little prancing ponies. You’re in for a surprise when you head up to Village A tonight. Lil’ Sebastian has returned!


2.   Guggernaut: French noun meaning delicate salad tossers

3.   Guggernaut: Danish verb meaning to run around in circles naked. Now that’s my kind of party!

4.   Guggernaut: Finnish noun meaning large, scaly dragon. Game of Thrones theme!? I’m definitely coming dressed as Khaleesi.


5.   Guggernaut: Old English verb meaning to rub your tummy after a long day. Sounds about right — this pretty much describes my Saturday.

6.  Guggernaut: Italian noun meaning a spontaneous breakout dance session.

So there you have it: What Guggernaut means in seven languages! Who knew one word could be important in so many cultures? But most importantly Guggernaut, whatever it might mean, is a Georgetown tradition. So drink your water, pop that Advil and get your butt to Village A tonight.


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