Guacamole Festival: Hurry Before It’s GONE

VillaMaria_GuacamoleWhile there are plenty of great places to go for great food and cheap drinks here in Georgetown, El Centro is definitely a fan favorite. With their five dollar margaritas at Happy Hour and their delicious guacamole, what’s not to love? Lucky for us, El Centro is in the middle of a guacamole festival! Naturally, I had to try it out.

Did somebody say FOOD?

So what exactly is a guacamole festival, you might ask? Well, until September 30 (that’s right- you’ve got exactly 8 days) there are four special guacamole flavors on the menu.

  1. The Yucatan: This spicy guacamole includes shrimp ceviche, habanero, pickled onion, orange and lime. If you like it spicy and zesty, this is the guac for you. (Editor’s Note: This is my personal favorite)
  2. The Supremo: This guac comes with a unique blend of bacon, corn, queso and pumpkin seeds. For the more adventurous guac eaters among us.
  3. The Baja: In this one you get kiwi, strawberry, mango, mint and lime. It was definitely the highest rated at our table. A little on the sweet side, but irresistible.
  4. The Norteno: Chicarron, menonita (that’s a cheese), pickled onion and lime. I can’t pronounce half the ingredients in this one, but don’t ask questions and just eat it.


So there you have it, the four special flavors of guac that make up El Centro’s guacamole festival. If you haven’t been yet, get your butt in gear and go this weekend! For the 21+ among us, do yourself a favor and get yourself a margarita. Or the special guac fest drink the suavecito: tequila, agave, lime and champagne. Guacamole and champagne? I’m pretty sure this is heaven.


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