GUAC: Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes of G.U.A.C. is a 4E series about developing a new club at Georgetown. Courtney Klein is the deputy editor of 4E and the co-president of G.U.A.C.

If you are active on Facebook or enjoy stalking me, you might know about a little thing called G.U.A.C. (Georgetown University Avocado Club).

Freshman year my roommate (the unbelievably whitty Keaton O’Neil) and I discovered the amazingness of this acronym, using it as a party trick to pretend we were “cool freshmen” (results of this are debatable). Two years later, we are actually doing it. Who would have thought?

Why? Keaton and I are both involved on campus, one might say we are too busy. But, we always wanted to have our own legacy to brag about. While Keaton doesn’t eat avocados (I know, ridiculous) she claims that “she wants to see them flourish”. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am basically in a committed relationship with avocados. The love is mutual. Obviously, we are the perfect pair to make this pipe dream club a reality.

The first step on our journey was attending a new club meeting hosted by CAB. I was forwarded the CAB event email like 3 times so I knew I had to go. At the meeting, Keaton and I realized that becoming a club is a real process and that we needed to get to work. We perfected our application (after many GUAC puns and some ridiculous ideas) and sent it in with all the good vibes.

Our next step was to have a general interest meeting. I merely made an event and within a few days we had over 400 people attending. Naturally, we were freaking out. We had only bought enough guacamole for like 20 people! There were many minor freakouts.

Thankfully, 400 people did not show up. Some people had midterms, others forgot and some people have no excuse and I will talk to them about their life choices. In the end, around 30 avid avo-lovers showed up.

Taken while discussing GUAC
Taken while discussing GUAC

In my unbiased opinion, we were a hit. Our goal with GUAC is to make a club that incorporates real life goals (AKA keeping the drug lords in Mexico out of the avocado business) and a funny love of the amazing avocado. We are huge proponents of avocado puns and jokes, nothing is out of the question.

So what is our plan? Obvi, we are going to have another meeting. We created a list serv, a FB page and are working on preliminary t-shirt designs.

The only wrinkle in our plan is being recognized by CAB. This is an extremely difficult process. Even if we are not recognized this semester, we plan to continue our actions and GUAC love. The man cannot get us down!

If you are interested at all, we urge you to join us. All are welcome and we do not discriminate between avocado lovers and haters.

Stay tuned for more stories and struggles as we pursue our dream!

Photo: Ellen Zamsky/The Hoya

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