GrubHub Goodness: Hoyas Ranked As Healthy and Polite

Georgetown GrubHubLike any great talent or skill one can acquiesce, ordering food from your bedroom as you watch Netflix in your pajamas takes a very distinct set of skills. And guess what, Hoyas? We have them. Or at least GrubHub thinks we do.

According to GrubHub’s Top of the Class: College Foodie Facts, Georgetown ranks #1 in Healthy GrubHub choices. Based on the survey’s methodology, GU came out on top in terms of calorie conscious orders (in other words, we’ve been eating a lot of healthy Wisey’s sandwiches, folks). Other “Healthiest” contenders included Monmouth University, Yale University, Columbia College-Chicago and Roosevelt University.

On a seemingly opposite note, we also tend to have quite a sweet tooth … or maybe it’s just a D.C. thing. American University and Georgetown University went 1-2 for ordering the most desserts.

But that’s not all: according to the GrubHub rankings, Hoyas are also some of the service’s most polite orderers. After the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University, Georgetown ranked 3rd in saying “please” and “thank you” during order deliveries (must be those Jesuit values!)

In other news, Syracuse came in first for having the lowest average costs … in other words, they’re kind of cheap.

To see the full list of GrubHub’s Top of the Class listings, which included their Earliest Risers, Most Caffeinated schools and more, click here. And in the meantime, keep those GrubHub orders coming, Hoyas. After all, we’re getting quite good at it.

Photo: GrubHub, Georgetown University

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