Goodbye, Food Trucks?


There’s nothing better than walking around after a long day of classes only to spot a food truck parked on the side of the road, dishing out all kinds of crazy cuisine.  Better yet, if you’re out sight-seeing or shopping and simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of a restaurant, D.C. can almost always bail you out with a food truck in the immediate vicinity. However, according to The DCist, the food truck culture of Washington DC may change as we know it.

Although there may not be reason to panic yet, more difficult restrictions imposed on DC food truck “zones” coupled with looser laws in Arlington, VA may shift the epicenter of the D.C.-Metro food trucks away from D.C. and across the Potomac.  On April 20, Arlington County is holding a public hearing regarding a change in restrictions that would allow for more flexibility in timing and location of food trucks in the area.  Later, on April 30, the D.C. Council is holding a hearing that would change the process of “zoning” into lottery allocation, which would mean that unlucky trucks would be forced to shift away from D.C.  Plus, the combination of the rule changes would simply make it easier for trucks to operate in Arlington.

D.C.’s food truck industry is extremely profitable, though, and the trucks would probably do more business here than across the river.  However, these restriction changes could certainly mean a large change in availability and accessibility to food trucks, as numerous businesses would likely shift to Virginia.

I personally don’t know what I’d do without cheap delicious food on wheels, so lets hope that they’re here to stay.

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