Get to Know Your GUSA Senator

Last week, the Georgetown University Student Association for the 2012-2013 school year met for the first time. You elected them. You RSVPed to their Facebook groups, saw their flyers and may have met the candidate when they knocked on your doors. But how well do you really know your GUSA senator? We made a point of getting to know the person behind the Senator by asking them the following questions:

  • What has been your favorite moment at Georgetown so far?
  • What’s the number one thing on your Georgetown or D.C. bucket list?
  • What is your favorite late night snack?
  • What other extracurriculars are you involved in?
  • What’s the best class you’ve taken at Georgetown? or, alternatively: If you could design a class, what would the class be?
George Spyropoulos (COL ’14)
District: At-Large
Hometown: Athens, Greece
Favorite Georgetown moment: Swimming (well, more like splashing, really) in the Dahlgren fountain to celebrate the end of finals last Spring.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Finding that underground tunnel connecting Healy to the White House.
Favorite late night snack: Tuscany (any day of the week #noshamewhatsoever)
Other extracurriculars: International Students Association (organizing iWeek this year), social chair of the Hellenic Association, member of the Speech and Expression Committee; I also run an online news source on Greek politics and I’m working as a TA for the Classics Department.
Best class at Georgetown: Witches and Witchcraft (history dept.) with Professors Leonard and Games; top-notch intellectual conversation made cool! Often involves talks of werewolves, demons, and even… poisonous beer in medieval Estonia! Taking it this semester and absolutely loving it!

Cannon Warren (SFS ’14)
District: At-Large
Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.
Favorite Georgetown moment: Freshman graduation. My 12 friends and I got a keg during study days, wore robes, played Pomp and Circumstance and gave speeches on what life lessons we had learned, but had to finish the keg in 2 hours.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Steal the clock hands by climbing the tower.
Favorite late night snack: Fruit snacks
Other extracurriculars: Astronomy club, outdoor ed, and climbing club
Best class at Georgetown: My proseminar, The History of the Mexican Revolution
Nick Fedyk (SFS ’14)
District: At-Large
Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.
Favorite Georgetown moment: Biking down to the White House and going crazy after the death of Osama bin Laden.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Camp out in the early morning for a GU-Syracuse basketball game.
Favorite late night snack: Utz Extra-Dark Pretzels and seltzer.
Other extracurriculars: The Hoya Sports Columnist, Knights of Columbus, WGTB sports talk-show host, intramurals
Best class at Georgetown: Problem of God with Professor Sanders…it really sparked my interest in theology, which is part of the theme of my CULP major.
Ben Mishkin (SFS ’13)
District: Off-campus
Hometown: Tenafly, N.J.
Favorite Georgetown moment: Walking at 7 a.m. to the Verizon Center after a blizzard for the Villanova game my freshman year.  The streets were deserted; there were no cars out at all essentially and we could walk down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Tie between hitting up Amsterdam Falafel and finally getting around to seeing the Cherry Blossoms.
Favorite late night snack: Sabra Supremely Spicy hummus with toasted pita bread.
Other extracurriculars: I’m a Managing Editor for the Georgetown Journal of International Affairs and serve as a committee chair for the IRC conferences NCSC and NAIMUN.
Best class at Georgetown: Freshman year, Humanities and Writing class, True Fictions with Prof. Marcia Morris.  We read Russian historical fiction novels, including 6 weeks reading every word of War and Peace.  I’d read it every year if I could find the time.  It’s more than 1,200 pages and feels legitimately rushed.

Tiffany Hsueh (COL ’13)
GUSA district: Off-campus
Hometown: North Brunswick, N.J.
Favorite Georgetown moment: Georgetown v. Duke basketball game my freshman year. It was such a electrifying game and I guess it didn’t hurt that Obama and Biden were there too.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: White House tour!
Favorite late night snack: Chocolate chip cookies (I just learned how to bake them fresh!)
Other extracurriculars: Facilitator on Leaders in Education about Diversity (LEAD)
Best class at Georgetown: Any and all of my Justice and Peace Studies classes

Sheila Walsh (COL ’14)
District: Townhouses
Hometown: Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
Favorite Georgetown moment: My favorite moment at Georgetown happened during my freshman year, on the night President Obama announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed. I’ll never forget leaving all of my stuff in Lau (the night before I had to deliver a final presentation) and sprinting to the White House alongside fellow Hoyas as we shouted and chanted. That night I felt myself simultaneously at the center of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., and the greater international community.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Attend a performance at the Kennedy Center.
Favorite late night snack: Pretzels <3
Other extracurriculars: Blue & Gray Tour Guide Society; Rangila; NSO
Best class at Georgetown: Faith, Social Justice & Public Life with Professor Jim Wallis

Vetone Ivezaj (COL ‘13)
District: Alumni Square and Nevils
Hometown: Rochester, Mich. (not New York)
Favorite Georgetown Moment: Winning the final race my novice year of rowing against Navy
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Blowing up a mattress before the sun rises to float down the Potomac with friends while eating cookies and cream ice cream.
Favorite late night snack: Sour Patch Watermelon
Other extracurriculars: Women’s Lightweight Rowing Team, Resident Assistant for Alumni Square and Townhouses, Teaching Assistant for Principles of Macroeconomics
Best class at Georgetown: Political Economy of Institutions and Development with Professor Raj Desai, but I am currently loving Ecological Analysis with Professor Gina Wimp.

Nate Tisa (SFS ’14)
District: Village A
Hometown: Rochester, N.Y.
Favorite Georgetown moment: Homecoming weekend Sophomore year — most of my freshman floor had a huge reunion in the morning and then headed to the tailgate together. The seniors I had gotten to know through GUSA and The Corp were there in their 21-year-old glory, and I had a blast spending the day out with them. This year was definitely a huge contrast — being an upperclassman makes me feel old!
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Find the stolen set of clock hands.
Favorite late night snack: Tortilla chips and Sadie’s New Mexican salsa (courtesy of Deputy Blog Editor Martin Hussey)
Other extracurriculars: I am proud to say I currently serve as the VP of Political Affairs for GU Pride. I also work for The Corp at Uncommon Grounds and intern at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce affiliate Global Intellectual Property Center. In addition, I write a bi-weekly column for The Hoya called Contemplation in Action. Keep an eye out for the next one on Friday the 12th!
Best class at Georgetown: Without a doubt, Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies with Professor Nadine Ehlers. Unfortunately, she had to leave Georgetown for a post in Australia this year. Close seconds are Comparative Political Systems with Langenbacher and my SFS freshman proseminar, Intelligence Law with Professor Lotrionte.

Ben Weiss (COL ’15)
District: Henle Village
Hometown: Long Beach, N.Y.
Favorite Georgetown moment: At 1:00 a.m. on Ash Wednesday last year, I casually ran into Joe Biden leaving Dahlgren Chapel in a full tuxedo.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Going to the inauguration of newly re-elected President Obama this upcoming January.
Favorite late night snack: A caprese sandwich from Vittles/Midnight Mug
Other extracturriculars: Georgetown University Rugby Football Club and College Dems
Class to design: It would be called “Profiles in Courage,” and would use case studies to discuss the capacity for an individual to change the course of American history.

Elizabeth Oh (SFS ’15)
District: Copley Hall
Hometown: Plainview, N.Y.
Favorite Moment at Georgetown: Getting elected GUSA senator, obvs.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: In Georgetown, get up on our bell tower, in D.C., get up on the dome of the Capitol.
Favorite late night snack: Jalapeño Chips
Extracurricular Activities: Intern at the CMEA, Communications Coordinator in Hoyas for Immigrant Rights, Pianist in Chamber Ensemble, jazz and Jesus.
Best Class at Georgetown: Professor Mitchell’s PST class
Class to Design: It would look at musical theory and history together.

Sam Greco (SFS ’15)
District: Southwest Quad
Hometown: Originally Connecticut, now Palm Beach County, Fla.
Favorite Moment at Georgetown: Watching Georgetown beat ‘Bama in the Village C Alumni Lounge and everyone exploding with excitement.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Climb to the top of Healy Clocktower
Favorite late night snack: Wingo’s if they’re open.
Other extracurriculars: Blue & Gray Society, GUSA Executive External Committee for Food Service, Model UN.
Best Class at Georgetown: SFS Proseminar, “Policy & Strategy: The Pursuit of National Goals in Crisis” with Keith Hrebenak as the professor.

Jemm Della Cruz (SFS ’16)
District: Southwest Quad
Hometown: Originally Isabela, Philippines; but now Waldorf, Md.
Favorite Georgetown moment: Realizing that it’s 5am and that I’ve been sitting in our common room for hours just talking to a friend about theology, philosophy, diversity, love, GUSA, and life. I thought it was remarkable that, without meaning to, the conversation helped me prepare for my Problem of God midterm. Georgetown is filled with amazing people and I’m excited to be a voice for SWQ!
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Skydive with views of the city.
Favorite late night snack: Twizzlers! But for midterm season — biscottis and coffee.
Other extracurriculars: Cristo Rey Tutoring, Club Filipino, Eco-Action
Class to design: Like Map of The Modern World combined with a historical component. Its syllabus would reveal several fieldtrips into the city. The class would take advantage of the museums and numerous resources that are only minutes away from campus. Students would learn about how the political boundaries of the world developed into what they are today through primary sources that are showcased in exhibitions throughout D.C.

Chandini Jha (COL ’16)
District: Freshman South (New South and Village C West)
Hometown: Bethesda, Md.
Favorite Georgetown moment: Walking into NSO and seeing all the OA advisers dancing to “Gangnam Style” on chairs. It was at that moment I knew I’d fit in just fine.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: Going paddle boating on the Tidal Basin during the cherry blossom season.
Favorite late night snack: Frosted Flaked with extra sugar on top, also known as “diabetes in a bowl”
Other extracurriculars: College Dems, the Secular Student Alliance (new to Georgetown this year!), Parlimentary Debate, International Relations Club, H*yas for Choice.
Class to Design: Advanced Napping 201: not for beginners. Any lecture over 200 students fufills the prerequisite class, Napping 101.

Tim Rosenberger (COL ’16)
District: Freshman North (Harbin and Darnall)
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Favorite Georgetown moment: The surrogates debate hosted by College Republicans and College Democrats or Lunch in the Park with FOCI
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: See the original American Flag at the Smithsonian
Favorite late night snack: Brownies
Other extracurriculars: College Republicans, Protestant Ministry, Capital G’s, Honor Council
Best class at Georgetown: Liberal Arts Seminar with Professors DelDonna and McCann

Billy Bowers (COL ’16)
District: Freshman North
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nev.
Favorite Georgetown moment: Catching a touchdown in the rookie round robin for ultimate frisbee.
Top of Georgetown or D.C. bucket list: run to the monuments.
Favorite late night snack: Tuscany Pizza.
Other extracurriculars: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Georgetown University Grilling Society and Ultimate Frisbee.
Best class at Georgetown: Intro to Biblical Literature; Professor Mitchell is really funny and knows so much about the topic he lectures on.

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