GET ALL THE SPOONS: Snow Day Rituals You Need to Do Now

SnowDaySo Hoyas, it’s been one of those weeks. It’s freezing cold, you’ve got three midterms and you can barely force yourself to leave your room. If only there were a way to postpone things for a little while. Well, you’re in luck! Another snowstorm is set to hit D.C. Wednesday night, with the current estimates between five and eight inches. I know what you’re all thinking… snow day, SNOW day, SNOW DAY! Believe me, I want a snow day as much as the next Hoya, but we all know the weather here is completely unreliable. If you really want a snow day this Thursday, we’re going to have to perform a few snow day “rituals” in order to seal the deal.

If you love snow and don’t want class, these are the eight things you need to do:

1. Put a scarf on John Carroll. Once the snow starts he’s going to be cold! Providing him with a scarf could be the good karma we need.

2. Cut snowflakes out of paper and disperse them throughout the ICC. Not only will it make that place a little more festive, but it might put teachers in a better mood and make them cancel class in advance.

If not, you’ll be waiting all night for that GU alert.


3. Steal a spoon from Leo’s and put it under your pillow — assuming of course that you can actually find a spoon somewhere in there.

4. Wear your pajamas inside out; this classic snow day ritual never fails, plus you’ll look super stylish walking into the bathroom the next morning.

5. Eat a lot of cold foods before bed — preferably a pint of ice cream. Eating cold foods will decrease the air temperature and make it more likely to snow (guys, its science). You’ll garner extra good luck if you eat Ben and Jerry’s Americone Dream in bed, watching Netflix and ignoring all your homework.

6. Tweet lots of hopeful snow comments; you never know what the snow gods might hear.

And we really don’t want this to happen:


7. Turn on the holiday lights you still have set up in your dorm room. Let’s face it, no one ever gets around to taking them down. If we all turn them on, we can trick the weather into thinking it’s December.

8. Do a traditional snow dance, optimally involving jumping, prancing, squawking, thrashing and frolicking. Do it on Lau 2, and everyone will join in. Maybe

Tomorrow you might not be able to enjoy snowy festivities:


Get ready for an epic snow day this Thursday. If you don’t take these rituals seriously, you’ll only have yourself to blame.

(Also: The Fourth Edition does not condone stealing spoons from Leo’s. But when was the last time 4E was your moral barometer?)


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