Georgetown V Syracuse: Leo’s Goes Orange FREE

Banner - Oranges

Don’t go to Leo’s Friday thinking there’s even a remote chance you’ll be able to find your daily vitamin C in an orange, because there won’t be any.


Don’t plan on stocking up on goldfish,

Don’t crave cantaloupe,

There won’t be any orange soda,

nor will there be orange juice,

There will be no cheddar cheese,

Leo’s will be orange FREE!


       To prep for the game this Saturday, Georgetown Dining is committed to ridding Leo’s of all things orange so that neither the students nor the basketball players will consumer orange before the big game against Syracuse. “We’re responsible for feeding the team and staff three meals a day and won’t take a chance serving anything remotely orange that could have a negative impact on the result of the game,” Marketing Director Adam Solloway said. “This goes for students as well.” 

Show your school spirit and tweet with the hashtag #BOOrange to @georgetowndining


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