Georgetown Day 2013, as Told by Twitter

as  told by twitter

What just happened.

After much anticipation for the last day of Friday classes and some worrying about the weather, the student body successfully came out this Friday to celebrate one of the best annual traditions in Washington: Georgetown Day.

It’s one thing to recap the events of the day — from stellar a capella performances to break dancing in Red Square — but the only way to give this year’s beautifully sunny Georgetown Day justice is to tell its story through the tweets of fellow Hoyas.

1. The rumble of excitement began in the night, like waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Tweet 1

2. Center for Student Programs Director Erika Cohen Derr shared some advice for the ensuing festivities. Not to mention the all-caps touch.

Tweet 2

3. And even Otto Porter was excited.

Tweet 16

4. But one does not simply celebrate Georgetown Day without preparing the proper attire.

Tweet 3

5. Let’s be real. There’s only one option: a tank.

Tweet 4

6. OK, maybe two options.

Tweet 5

7. Those who decided to partake in certain beverages set the bar high. Like superstar-celebrity-status high.

Tweet 6

8. Which might have been too much for some.

Tweet 7

9. But sometimes “No” is just an unacceptable answer.

Tweet 8

10. Remember, though, some have to go class on Friday, because this is a school and that’s what people do when at school.

Tweet 9

11. Then again, maybe it’s best to stay out of the classroom sometimes, given the circumstances.

Tweet 10

12. Then there were those who had some harsh realizations.

Tweet 11

13. Paired with sheer awe at the events going on all over campus.

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14. Then there was some suspicious tomfoolery.

Tweet 17

15. Sometimes there are consequences for party rocking.

Tweet 13

16. But some had enough energy to keep the momentum going.

Tweet 14

17. However, at the end of the day, no one puts it better than a former Hoya Sports deputy editor.

Tweet 15

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