Friday Fixations: A Rainy Long Weekend

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If you’re like me, sitting inside on a Thursday night watching “One Tree Hill” as it rains outside, it’s probably because your friends have all left for the long weekend … or it’s because you’re having an existential crisis … or it’s because you drank too much wine at your friend’s 21st last night and the thought of going out makes you nauseous.

Well, for this relatively empty, long, cold and wet weekend, here are some chill and laid-back tunes to brighten up these cloudy days.

Chilled Cream — Blank & Jones Good beat, good words, so sit back and relax! You may get some solid writing done on an essay during this one.

The Longer the Waiting — Anna Ternheim This one is sad and its lyrics will remind you of nothing other than rain and love. The two don’t often go together … unless you’re a fan of The Notebook.

Syndicate — The Fray This one’s edgy, but inspirational. You’ll want a boy to serenade you with it while you enjoy a nice chaider.

The Scientist — Coldplay You all know this one. Is it not a perfect song for being alone and pensive on a rainy day?

Come Rain or Come Shine — Eric Clapton and B.B. King I’m a huge Clapton fan, and if you’re not, this song will convert you.

Fire and Rain — James Taylor This song is unbeatable. It has a Midwestern twang, beautiful lyrics and one of the best voices the world has ever heard to back it all up.

Danny’s Song — Anne Murray A little more optimistic than some of the other tracks, just to make sure you don’t spend the whole weekend drowning in homework and sadness.

Piano Man — Billy Joel I know you’ve all heard this and I know you all love this. This song brings me back to my childhood, so let this song transport you to wherever it may.

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word — Elton John A timeless voice and a timeless song. Again, this one is on the more depressing side, but so is the weather.

For All We Know — The Carpenters This is for a softer, light, drizzly day. This song provides a slightly different mood than the others, so sit back with a warm chocolate chip cookie and glass of milk and enjoy this last track.

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