Friday Fixat10ns: Puppy Love

FIXAT10NS: Puppy Love from thehoya on 8tracks.

All day long, we’ll be celebrating J.J.’s arrival on campus with a series of cute puppy-related posts (and with a special version of our banner and logo). To get you ready for the arrival of the new puppy on campus, we’ve compiled the best dog-themed songs we could think of.

The Dog Days Are Over — Florence and the Machine Actually, Florence, the Dog Days are still alive and well here on the Hilltop. But, then again, Dog Days are good a good thing up here.

Love Dog — TV On the Radio There are some bands that write a disproportionate amount of their songs about dogs. TVOTR is one of them. (They’ve got at least two about dogs and one about wolves.) Like us, they must love dogs.

Who Let the Dogs Out — Baha Men Then there are some bands that only make one song, and that one song becomes the go-to song for anything about dogs. No dog-themed playlist this century would be complete without this unfortunate 2000 chart-topper.

My Friend — Dr. Dog A great feel-good song to welcome Man’s Best Friend to campus.

Neighborhood #2 (Laika) — Arcade Fire  This song is evidently about a dog. (Laika means “barker” in Russian and was the name of the dog they launched into space in 1957.)

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing — Jack Johnson OK, this isn’t about a dog. But dogs sit, wait and wish all day, and we have a dog named Jack. (I admit, this song’s relevance to the  playlist is tenuous at best.)

Walking the Dog – Fun. Speaking of walking the dog, the Jack Crew must be excited to walk a puppy instead of Jack, a 9-year-old cripple who often refuses to walk out of the New South courtyard.

Dog Problems — The Format Jack is going into surgery with a broken ACL, and as any former resident of New South 4 will tell you, he drools all over the common room, chokes on paper and gets a little too excited when he sees any form of cardboard detritis (or the mascot costume, for that matter.)

Guns and Dogs (Acoustic) — Portugal. the Man This song describes better my dad’s college experience in Wyoming than mine. One thing we had in common was the dog though. (Albeit, mine is Jack and his was an Australian Shepard/Husky mix he adopted as a junior).

Puppy Love — Lil Bow Wow I love the dog barking in the background. Anyone remember this 10-year-old rapper from our grade school days?

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