Friday Fixat10ns: It’s Hot

Friday Fixat10ns: It’s Hot from thehoya on 8tracks.

It’s been hot out lately. And if you didn’t take our advice by going to get awesome fro-yo and milkshakes, you probably had a very sweaty week. Even though it’s the last day of our heat wave, we’ve got 10 songs for this Friday that celebrate (or at least bear) the heat and humidity.

Vamos a la Playa — Loona I wish I could have gone to la playa this week. But I didn’t. With this song, you’ll be bailando as if you actually were there.

Salt Skin — Ellie Goulding Two reasons I included this song. One — with all of the heat and humidity, everyone’s skin was pretty salty this week. Two — I’ve been occupying myself by reading this book called Salt. It’s about salt. It rocks.

Crooked Teeth — Death Cab for Cutie It was 100 degrees as we sat beneath a willow tree… Seriously, if you’re in this humidity, how could you bear to sit underneath a willow tree at that temperature?

Laredo — Band of Horses If you’ve ever been to Laredo in July, you understand this song’s inclusion on this list. It gets so hot there.

The Swimming Song — Vetiver This song is for those of you lucky ducks who spent the whole week at Volta Pool. Although it would probably be better called “The Tanning Song” if they were actually talking about Volta.

I’m in Miami Bitch — LMFAO This week was hot in more than one way. As a Thunder fan, I offer a very bitter congrats to Miami on their win last night. Maybe the Heat won because you couldn’t find anywhere without heat this week.

Tune Out — The Format The predecessors of Fun. are from Phoenix. So they, more than anyone, are experts on dealing with the heat. Just tune it out.

Fire — JMSN It’s a very small overstatement to call JMSN’s album my favorite of the year so far. This song is awesome.

Haiti — Arcade Fire I’ve been waiting a long time to put this song on a Fixat10ns playlist. This is a perfect time, seeing as it feels like Haiti outside what with all of the tropical humidity.

Hot Like Fire — The xx Need I say anymore?

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