FRIDAY FIXAT10NS: Impatience

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It’s that in-between time of the school year, almost the end not quite. You’re ALMOST done with that final project. It’s ALMOST Georgetown Day. Admit it, you’re impatient.

Countdown — Beyonce “London speed it up, Houston rock it.” This song is so frantic and  bouncy it makes being impatient a little bit less unbearable.

Annie Waits —  Ben Folds This song is about a girl waiting for some guy to pick her up, I think. Not sure, since all of Ben Fold’s lyrics can be sort of abstract.

Whole Love — Wilco A song about loving and leaving and moving on. Sort of how some of us seniors feel about almost being done with Georgetown.

Crash Years — The New Pornographers Okay, some more obtuse indie song lyrics in this one. What are the crash years? Is that like…a reference to The Great Depression? I’m just not sure. But it definitely seems to be about being in-between here and there.

Here Comes My Baby — Cat Stevens  I.LOVE.THIS.SONG. It’s more about liking someone who’s unavailable but that’s also a type of impatience. And it’s so gosh darn positive about it.

Changing– The Airbourne Toxic Event  Part of impatience is wanting things to change. So that’s what this song is about.

We Used to Wait — Arcade Fire A great song about waiting. Plain and simple.

Changes — David Bowie And another throwaway about change, “turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes”

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