Friday Fixat10ns: GEORGETOWN DAY

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It’s finally here. The stuff of legend. Georgetown Day. I am certainly excited for my first Georgetown Day, and I am gearing up accordingly. This week’s Friday Fixat10ns (released a day early for your listening pleasure) is focused on this glorious day, chronicling the activities of the day via music, as well as giving you some jams to play while chilling out with your friends. Let the fun begin!

Hey Ya! – Outkast Considering that tomorrow could be the earliest any of you have gotten up all semester, you’ll need something to kick off the festivities on the right note. You need something that says “WAKE UP!!!!” Luckily for you, André 3000 and crew thought ahead and brought us a hit that just makes us want to “shake it like a polaroid picture.”

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere – Jimmy Buffett After waking up and getting all excited and ready to go, you may start to feel a little bad about yourself. It’s not like you’re going out on a Friday night, but rather on Friday morning. Jimmy Buffett (and, originally, Alan Jackson) has you covered, cleverly reminding everybody that somewhere out there, it is happy hour already!

Ignition (Remix) – R. Kelly A classic from our favorite, bathroom-challenged star. We’re three songs in and more and more of your friends will be in on the “freakin’ weekend” and ready to have some fun. This is another great song to warm you up, get you moving a little bit, and to enjoy your Georgetown day right.

Come On Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners Now that you’ve warmed up with some Ignition, it’s time to speed things up with this party classic from the ’80s. By this point, you should be this point, you should be well situated with your friends on the lawn, and so you can all jam along to this one. Even your neighbors shouldn’t mind you playing these tunes,

Livin’ On a Prayer – Bon Jovi Georgetown Day isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. A true challenge of the human spirit. Now, at song number five, we are halfway through the playlist. That should put you halfway through your day, looking at the proverbial “back nine,” trying to hold out for a little while longer before your impending power nap. So buck up, because you’re halfway there, you’ll make it I swear (see what I did there?).

Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore (feat. Ray Dalton) You found new life with Bon Jovi, and now you’re ready to keep powering on. No one can slow you down. Time to jam to one of the best and biggest hits of the year (and be sure to check out the music video if you haven’t already!)

Old School – Chuck Wicks An up-and-coming country artist, Chuck Wicks sings this one about great summer memories that hopefully people manage to create (and remember) on Georgetown Day. It’s a great song to chill out to, feel like your on vacation, and take that inevitable power nap to recover and rally (maybe).

Dancing in the Moonlight – King Harvest Time for your second wind! It will most likely be dark now, and so the song is intended for the purpose indicated in the title. Rock out with your friends! Georgetown Day only comes once a year!

Closing Time – Semisonic By this time, there will obviously be some crashing, especially by our ambitious friends that looked to take advantage of all Georgetown Day had to offer. Between the parties, the free food, and the fun and games on the lawn, it can all be exhausting — so this one goes out to our early birds.

Every Evening – 2AM Club In case you haven’t heard, the band 2AM Club will be performing live in the McDonough parking lot Friday night at 10:30pm! Hopefully, this will be where your night ends (or at least a stop on the way) and it should be a great show. Appropriately, we will close out with one of their songs, to get you pumped up for the concert, and to wrap up what promises to be a great Georgetown Day.

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