Friday Fixat10ns: Brace Yourselves, Finals are Coming…

Study Friday Fixations

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Classes end today. Finals begin Wednesday. Having survived the whole semester up until this point, it’s a good idea to relax and enjoy some downtime before getting into the thick of paper writing and studying. Your relationship with Lau is going to be taken to the next level very soon, so in the meantime, enjoy this playlist:

Berzerk – Eminem The end of classes brings a temporary stress relief for most Hoyas, so why not take Eminem’s advice and “grow your beard out, just weird out and go berserk”?

Good Good Night – Roscoe Dash Take a night off this weekend to de-stress and spend some time with friends, or, at the very least, catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Say It Ain’t So – Weezer Yeah, sadly it is so. At some point you’re going to have to get back to studying.

In Too Deep – Sum 41 During this time of year, it can sometimes feel like finals are controlling your life. Keep your head above water and plow through those finals; it’ll be over soon and you can return home!

Lonely Boy – The Black Keys Don’t isolate yourself too much now that classes are over and study days are beginning. Study with friends, get Leo’s together and commiserate over how much work and studying you have to do for finals.

Sleep All Day – Jason Mraz Okay, so it’s probably not a good idea to sleep all day, but you’ll definitely want to get enough sleep to do well on your finals.

Never Saw It Coming – Tigers Jaw Describes exactly the feeling of taking that final you’re unprepared for.

Enjoy The Ride – Krewella Whatever happens with finals, it’s a good idea just to appreciate where you are now: in college, living the dream and nearly finished with this semester.

Time is Running Out – Muse Can you believe it’s already December? Neither can we. And that means Christmas is coming…

Another Christmas Song – Stephen Colbert This hilarious rendition of a Christmas song by Colbert is perfect for those of you who love Christmas songs but want something new. It’s only Dec. 6, but it’s never too early for Christmas music!

Enjoy the holiday spirit, get some rest and ace those finals, Hoyas!

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